Remembering what I lost (Seyma poems pt.4)  

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6/27/2006 12:16 am
Remembering what I lost (Seyma poems pt.4)



I f I could only
F ind you again, and if

Y our tubes could
O nly be
U ntied, I would do whatever is
R equired

T o make you my wife, for I
U nderstand now that a woman’s
B eauty reaches its fullest
E xpression only in the
S acred

C ondition
O f being with child. I was
U nripe for you then and lacked the
D etermination to speak

O penly of what I darkly felt yet dared
N ot acknowledge in
L oving you, and that is a deep
Y earning to fill your

B elly with my child, for nothing can
E qual the bliss of

U niting in full awareness of
N ature’s design, and nothing can
T ouch a man more deeply than to
I nseminate the one he loves, and to see
E ach day the fruit of love growing
D eep inside her womb.


I so clearly

R emember how you
E nchanted me from the
M oment we met: how
E very part of
M e vibrated to your
B eauty as it
E ntered through my eyes and
R adiated into my

S oul, and how you
O pened your lovely

C heeks into my face so that I
L ooked straight into the dark
E ye of a goddess’s
A ss and could
R evel in its beauty and adore it with
L ip and tongue as my heart so
Y earned to do.


I f I could
F rom all the moments

I n my life

C hose the
O ne that I wish most
U nequivocally to
L ive over again, it would be that
D elicious moment when you

R evealed to me the
E cstasy of adoring your
L uscious rose.
I can never forget the
V oluptuous
E nchantment of your

O ffering, made so
N aturally and with such
E xquisite grace. My heart

M elted between your
O pen cheeks, and
M y soul
E ntered a place it could
N ever leave because
T here at last it found its truth.


F or the first time in
O ver a year, I have
R esumed the devotions

T hat for a time
H ad been at the center of my
E very day.. The

F amiliar motions return as
I f no time had passed, and again I
R ealize how deep you are in my
S oul: like a
T rue goddess you have pierced

T hrough all its layers and
I ndelibly
M arked my
E xistential core.

O h Seyma, you
H ave vanished from my life and it

S erves me right, but
E ven if I should never see
Y ou again, I will continue, as I did a
M oment ago, to worship the
A bsent goddess living in my heart.


M y beloved Seyma,
Y ou are the one and only

P erfect wife for me, and to the
E nd of my days I will
R egret having
F ailed to recognize this
E ssential fact. I had the
C hance to court you and
T hrew it away, and now I

W eep to think of what
I have lost. You were so
F ine in your
E ssential being, so

S ensible and generous and
E motionally mature, and above all
Y ou understood
M y deepest nature and
A pproved of what I am


I nevitably and
N aturally, a
D ivinity if it were to
I ncarnate would come to us
A s an Indian woman, for
N one other would have the

G race and beauty
O ne expects and
D emands from a
D ivine goddess,
E specially if one is to
S pend one’s life
S erving her.


T o suck
O n your beautiful dark

A ss was unspeakably delicious, and
D oubly so because I had
O penly confessed my desire to
R eceive what it daily
E xpels: worshipping then was

S uch a deep
E xperience because I knew that
Y ou understood the full
M eaning of the
A ct, and were pleased... Oh

S eyma, I would give

A ll if only I could
S uck once more on your
S weet little hole!


T here is nothing sweeter
O n earth than

S ucking the sweet rose
U nder your bum. When I
C aressed and
K issed your lovely

A ss, I worshipped the

G oddess in you, and in its soft
O ppulence I touched a
D ivinity that
D rew forth from my heart the
E xpression of its
S ubmissive passion. And
S o indescribably

S weet is the

R emembrance that I still long
O bsessively for you,
S eyma, and for the
E nchantment of your rose.



A bandonned
B y you, I
A cknowledge that I can blame
N o one but myself, for I
D illy-dallied without clearly recognizing
O r admitting the
N ature of what we had;
N ow it is too late for the
E ffort I should have made to
D raw you closer and to

A ct upon the
S incerity of my love.

I called you

D ivine, and spoke of my
E cstasy in
S ucking your ass, and
E voked going even further.... Yet I too
R arely invited you to
V isit, and never
E xpressed a desire to wed.



K issing your rose
I s surely what I
S pend the most time
S ecretly dreaming about;
I ncessantly,
N ight and day, my thoughts
G ravitate around that part of

Y our anatomy; its image
O bsessively
U rges me on in my
R everies, and I long to

R each in between your
O pen cheeks with my
S oul on my lips to kiss the most
E xquisite flower in the world.


Y ou are the first who not
O nly took no
U mbrage

A t desires I tremble to
R eveal but
E xpressed admiration for

T he depth of a mind that
H angs so far over the
E dges of love; who made me

F eel that it is not only
I nevitable but
R ight to allow and follow my
S ulfurous passion, for it has
T aken me to the goddess in you.

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