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A Woman

A Woman’s Four Gifts to a Man

There are four gifts a woman can give to a man who is in love with her to ensure that his passion should never diminish.

The first consists in the SECRETIONS and EXCRETIONS of her body.

Given from mouth to mouth, whether with loving tenderness or provocative aggressivity, her saliva is a nectar without equal that sets the soul of a man on fire, for through this gift the woman shows at once her desire for intimate union (alluding implicitly to the semen she will one day receive from him) and her desire to dominate him (by injecting into his mouth a substance that comes from her). This gift corresponds on the physical level to the special look by which a man and a woman communicate their mutual attraction and desire.

Her sweat, which too can be highly erotic if the woman imposes it consciously by letting herself be sniffed and licked, in particular in secret recesses such as her armpits, her anus, or between her toes.

Her milk, more than anything else, symbolizes the woman’s tenderness and love, but given to a man, it integrates the erotic and the maternal.

Her urine is the ultimate love potion. In offering it to a man, a woman lets him accede to a level of intimacy where there is no longer any shame, taboo, or ambiguity: in drinking it, a man confirms both his passion and his submission. Once he has swallowed it, he is forever tied to its source, for he can never again expulse from his body the elixir that henceforth is part of it, and whose magic will never cease its effect. The intoxication is naturally strongest when it comes directly from her body, but it is also highly effective if administered in small quantities, such a with a medicine dropper, in situations where discretion is needed. A few drops taken daily is an efficient way of keeping a man faithful, because their taste in his mouth makes it hard for him to court another woman.

Nothing moves a man more than to find his beloved wet with desire. Her vaginal juices are a veritable mana whose taste and odor send a man to heaven, and here is no lovelier present than a pair of panties permeated by the secretions of her desire. It goes without saying that the longer she has worn it, the stronger will be the effect (which can be further augmented through instructions on what he should do with it). It might be noted here that all the odors of a woman’s body are erotically powerful: when a man breathes them in, something from her body enters into his and becomes a part of him, for always. It is easier to forget a sensation or a flavor than an odor.

Entirely special is the liquid a woman ejaculates during orgasm. Few women, alas, ejaculates in this way, and it is a lucky man who has the chance to taste of this rarest of feminine nectar that issues directly from her explosion of pleasure. It is a love potion as powerful as her urine, though without the humiliating aspect. In drinking it, the man is drinking directly of her pleasure.

Her menstrual blood represents the animal side of her femininity, with its menacing overtones. A man in receiving it signals his total acceptance of a woman as woman. The strong odor and the association of impurity reinforces the effect.

The strongest gift of all is her excrement. Repulsive by nature, indeed terrifying, this gift is reserved to the rare lover who wants to push his adoration beyond all norms of decency, reason, indeed nature. For the man ready to cross the threshhold, and for the woman ready to take him beyond, it creates an inebriety and a bond that are unique.
It is a gift to be given in stages, over an extended period of time, beginning with a verbal preparation that ensures a total acceptance of the idea and a genuine desire to turn it into reality. This gift can only be made if the man truly perceives his beloved as a goddess, for nothing from a goddess can be dirty or polluting. Only by perceiving her in all her divinity can a man want to confirm his veneration by overcoming his natural repugnance to the vilest and foulest of substances. In receiving from her, he has to work his way through revulsion and disgust to reach what is divine in her, what is beyond matter.
To reach this goal, it is necessary to have first understood and assimilated the idea completely before putting it into action. The verbal preparation should last for as long as it takes for the idea in his head to condense into a real desire; only then should he be initiated progressively into a real contact, first through the eyes and the nose and the skin, then later with the lips and tongue. The acceptation of the inevitable disgust requires a long education, and it is through this process that the man will learn to know the depth of his submission and of his passion.
The final stage, ingestion, is essential above all because of its symbolic meaning. The man makes himself one with the basest part of his beloved, but that makes no difference because everything that comes from a goddess is divine. The effect is strongest if there is a ritual by which the man received its directly from his beloved, but the ingestion could in also take a softer form that corresponds better with the sensibility of those concerned: by putting it in a gelatine capsule, for instance, by cooking it, or by taking it in the form of ashes created by a pyrolytic oven.

The second gift, PAIN, is of another nature, but it can produce an effect no less strong and durable. A woman who artfully combines pain and tenderness will never be forgotten; and even though the man may resist at the time, that will not prevent him from being grateful later.
For if the ingestion of her secretions and excretions allows a woman to enter into the body of her lover, indeed into his soul, the pain she deliberately inflicts etches her presence into his flesh and his heart. The memory of a pain knowingly administered and received possesses a magic as powerful and eternal as a potion that is swallowed. A man that a woman has slapped or whipped will never be free of her, no more than if he had drunk the potion from her body. And as with that other gift, a man should be careful not to receive the gift of pain too often or in an abusive way, because that will dilute its effect.
To be savored in all its potential richness, this gift must come from a woman loved with a deep passion. For such pain is nothing less than her presence in his very flesh. The more passionately she is loved, the more her presence in this persistent and implacable form will be appreciated.

The third gift is her PLEASURE. Nothing on earth can make a man happier than the happiness of the woman he loves. For a man in love, the face of his beloved is more beautiful than anything in nature or in art, with the one exception of her smile; and her voice is more beautiful than any music, except for the music of her pleasure.
Her pleasure is the smile of God: it speaks to him of the perfection of all creation, and when she allows him to participate in it, whether through sensual contact or less direct means, she opens the gates of paradise to him. Pleasure is an ephemeral thing; yet the pleasure of a man who gives pleasure to a woman is outside of time, for it will remain permanently in his memory, to the day of his death. It is for this, and not for any physical pleasure he might experience, that a man will be willing to sacrifice all for a woman – fortune, reputation, peace, indeed life itself. Because it is a treasure that becomes richer with the years. In fact, it is with age that a man takes stock of how rich he is.
It might be noted that all her other gifts, to be fully enjoyed, must be wrapped in her pleasure, for it is her pleasure that transforms an intense experience into a beatific one. In general, one could say that the closer a woman gets to being a goddess, the more she will give these gifts, because for such a woman, being adored is natural and self-evident.

The fourth gift is a CHILD. This is the ultimate gift that a woman can give a man who loves her. There is nothing to surpass the union of their two lives in the fruit of her womb, and nothing more erotic. But having a child is something so commonplace that most people are not really aware of the erotic potential in the act of procreation. To discover and reinforce this, it may help to put a price on this priceless gift, possibly in the form of a sacrifice. What would the man be willing to sacrifice in return for this supreme happiness? In the most extreme case, it could be his life: the woman could kill him once their child – or their last child, if she wants more than one – is born. Or she could emasculate him to guarantee his fidelity. More realistic would be a vasectomy, or something that symbolizes his renunciation of his potential to impregnate another woman. Whatever the chosen form (physical or symbolic), this sacrifice should be clearly defined and present to both their minds at the moment when the semen is given and accepted: knowling that he will have to sacrifice his masculine potential will make a man far more conscious of the value and the erotic meaning of what the woman will be giving him.
The erotic aspect of procreation is underscored and amplified through the other three gifts. The more a man has received of these, the stronger will be his experience of the forth gift. A woman would do well to give a maximum of the first three before going on the the fourth, because once a child is born, they are both likely to be less motivated. What man would devote to the mother of his children a passion stronger even than the instincts of life itself? But a man who has already fully experienced the first three gifts would be doubly fulfilled by the fourth and ultimate, which would then be experienced as a true transcendence: union with the beloved achieved through the dead waste matter of her body and through passing sensations would then be doubled (if not replaced) by the true union of man and woman, in a love that is complete and that contains and integrates all the shadow aspects of life. Initiation through submission will have led to the sacred union that is its aim from the beginning: union with God through union with the beloved.

Alyssa1959 58F

6/12/2006 12:20 pm

"Entirely special is the liquid a woman ejaculates during orgasm. Few women, alas, ejaculates in this way, and it is a lucky man who has the chance to taste of this rarest of feminine nectar that issues directly from her explosion of pleasure. It is a love potion as powerful as her urine, though without the humiliating aspect. In drinking it, the man is drinking directly of her pleasure."

On those nights when the heat is more than anyone could withstand, I tighten like a vice around you as my ejaculate spews from my shaven heat all over your stomach and balls.....I know from whence you speak

~Sweet Sweet Alyssa

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