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wakemeup31 42M
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4/30/2006 8:44 pm

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Day Whatever

So it probably doesn't matter what I write in this thing because A: nobody reads it, or B: I don't post a picture of my dick so no woman cares.
Anyway, here's a little insight on how the dull men live -
All these generalizations are what I mostly believed up until the beginning of this year.
1. Only men like sex - ask my ex.
2. Vibrators and sexual positions other than "missionary" are for women I've never met before.
3. Women don't have sex because they want it.
4. Women never seduce men, they don't have to.

Ok, so for the last, well, most of my life, I thought the above to be true. So, I've been living a life devoid of fun - I've just figured it out recently.

Here's how it goes...
Before January, married the woman I dated in high school and on and off ever since. Sex dried out after the first year. Ended up spending the next few years thinking that this is what my life was, and that I should accept it.
January - went away on business. Met someone and hit things off. Two weeks later came back to the same town on business and called her. We chatted. Two weeks later, come back on business. I met her at her place to watch movies. Ended up having sex that night. Had sex with her once more that week before I left for home.

The sex wasn't anything kinky, compared to 90% of anyone on this site, it would be very boring. No toys were used. No candle wax. No cheerleader uniforms, it was just sex. Anyway, it was what I was missing for the last... well, forever.

She was like no one I ever met before. Adventurous, fun, wild. Never figured I'd meet someone like that. Didn't even know they really existed. Now I'm finding out she's not the only one. All I got to say is... What the hell have I been missing???!!!??

So obviously there are real women out there that do enjoy sex and sometimes don't get what they want. They're apparently searching for fun and adventure just like me and probably tens of thousands of guys on this site (that probably have pics of their dicks in their hands or something). I guess I'm a little different. I don't have a huge amount of experience. I'm looking for that. I'm looking for women to chat with, or even meet. I'm trying to get to the point that I can experience what I've been missing for the last, well... forever. Whether I find it here, or somewhere else, eventually it will happen. My handle says it all. I've been asleep for all these years and now I'm looking for someone to wake me up.

blondietickler 43F
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4/30/2006 9:17 pm

i would think you are wrong on all of your points, but that is just me. you can enjoy sex for just that, sex. it is a craving at times too. the hard part is finding that person or people who want the same things. just look and you shall find it. by the way, i guess you did have someone read your blog. just return the favor and read others. you might find out things you didn't know.

crazygurl2xx 56F

5/1/2006 5:44 pm

don't knock missionary. it's one of the sexiest ways to make love -- face to face -- especially with your eyes hot hot

wakemeup31 42M

5/1/2006 7:31 pm

Not knocking missionary. I do think I like "the pretzel" better though...
The benefit: the deeper penetration of doggy-style withouth the loss of face-to-face contact.

wakemeup31 42M

5/1/2006 8:49 pm

I've been in your neck of the woods. At least the housing costs are lower than up here in Chi town. A double-decker outhouse would go for a hundred grand here!

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