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8/22/2005 3:32 am

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Hello everyone! I've acctualy been a member for while now, but sadly I havnt been active around the site. And believe it or not today I just discovered the wonderful collection of Blogs this place has to offer. So here is my contribution, talking about my most favorite subject, myself... I'm kidding course! I'm a 19 year old male (young I know) living in the Saginaw Michigan area. Currently attending Saginaw Valley State University, part time for the fall, hopefully starting full time in the winter. I have alot of interests up for viewing on my profile. Although I'm a standard member, It seems I'm very restricted in what I can do around the site, I hope to fix that in about a week when my new checks come in the mail so I can acctualy buy a silver membership ^.^ Anyways back to myself, I got off track. I'm looking for fun in the Saginaw Michigan area, and I'm not shy at all about driving a little ways, although I can get lost pretty easily, I'd manage to figure it out. I'm really looking for a first time encounter. I'm not unattractive in any way, and there isnt anything wrong with me I just havnt met the right person to adventure with. Hoping I can find a special someone. I'm not even sure myself if I'm looking for a one night stand, or a long term relationship, or maybe something in the middle, a casual sex partner, wouldnt that be great! Well whatever happens happens, I'm not a picky person, really I'd love to get out there and meet some people! I suppose I can be the quiet type at first, but once I open up I think the ladies might start to enjoy my company

[[Lol I'm not good at using blogs, think i messed this up a little bit for my first time.]]

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