The types we meet on . . .  

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4/15/2005 5:18 am

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The types we meet on . . .

(Don't actually know what "exanimate" means. I was looking for "reflective" and it's not there. Can anyone help?)

I've decided I'm meeting four types of guys on this site.
I'm interested if other women see it the same way and how the guys see it. For me there are:

1) those that use the service as though it were a classified advertisment column: just send their phone number and suggest I call them to arrange a meeting. (AS IF)

2) those that want to exchange a few lines of chat and LOTS and LOTS of pictures (intimate of course). They're fun for a short while. Afterwards I realise they've added my intimate bits to their collection -- and I've gained little seeing as I got a good view of most of their (lovely) cocks when I looked at their profiles in the first place. If I had a webcam this lot would want to get straight into that in a rush.

3) those who have a gift with the pen (should say keyboard) and maybe even brag in their profiles they're good at writing erotica. They write FANTASTIC stuff which is definitely worth printing out and keeping. Some of them are so skilled with words they can reach climax while emailing . . . and bring me off too.

4) those who don't think sex is the total sum of life, who've maybe integrated their sexual side into their whole personality, who are erotic and yet interested in chatting about other things, and if they mention meeting it will be later rather than tomorrow.

5) then there are those I don't meet via email but I watch in the blogs: all types - every individual mixed, with some foregrounding their sensitivity, others their sexiness, others their wit, or creativity or . . . . etc . . . . etc

I should give these five types names before I log off. I won't get them all right. Do readers have any suggestions?

1) "Call me for a quick fuck" or maybe "Driven"
2) "Let's swop intimate bits" or "Racy Pics"
3) "We're into words here" or "Verbals Anonymous"
4) "I want to appreciate all of you' or "Intimacy?"
5) -- don't think I'll risk this one!

I love them all, except for the first group. The first group get one of those quickie replies -- and sometimes are so dumb they email back with a message along the lines of, "What does that mean? So where can we meet?"


What type of initiations do we each GIVE?

Which type do we respond to most warmly?

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redswallow777 48M
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4/15/2005 8:57 am

I look forward to the responses you might get here...thanks for summarizing.

expatbrit49 62M

4/16/2005 12:55 pm

Waggy, thats interesting so I leave this thought:
5) I am a witty, creative man, 4) who believes in an integrated sexual being 3) I would love to write a poem 2) about you intimate pictures 1) but most of all I would like to FUCK YOU NOW.

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papyrina 51F
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4/19/2005 12:12 pm

i enjoyed this post and o so true for the 1000th time lol

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keithcancook 60M
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4/22/2005 6:12 pm

call him "everyman".

rm_unlistedone 65M
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8/6/2005 7:53 am

Is that "Everyman" as in the play? Or is that everyman, as in here... oh... nevermind.

German4good 54M

12/23/2005 3:15 am

Well, there's at least 4 types of guys out there in the world. I would suggest there's 4 kinds of women also.
1. Pleased to meet you, let's fuck (exceeding rare, valued highly but momentarily by most men).
2. Hi, I am really glad to give you the opportunity to meet me, how much do you make? Do you want to spend money on me? (exceedingly common in some pretentious bars, incredibly boring people).
3. Hi, if you woo me with some compliments and flattery, I might give you the time of day to tease you only (somewhat common).
4. Rarest of all? Genuine people who want to meet like-minded people for whatever happens if they get along well.
OK, enough of my sidebar blog.

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