Swinging Lifestyle #2  

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8/22/2005 3:43 pm

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Swinging Lifestyle #2


Well I decided to do a followup and how we got into the life style.

We started at first by visiting different chat rooms our very first was through a program called Pow Wow. We met many couples from all over online. We met a couple from The Pan Handle. For a first time it was what is called a "Soft Swing". It was ok but no chemistry. It was also that couples first time so that may have accounted for part of the problem. She was a cold fish (the female half of the other couple)either way. After the weekend and back in the chat room we were PM'd by the couple and asked how wwe liked the weekend. They did not take our response very well.

We soon started using IRC. With that we were able to join a room for Texas couples. We started meeting others around us and met a few in person and generally it was all good nothing like that first meeting.

We metat the first time we went to a swing club in North Austin. It was an on premisis club called Friends.

As we were targeting San Antonio as our new place to live we started looking for couples to meet there and see what kind of friends we could make.

Once we got to San Antonio and settled in we heard about parties. There are/were several couples who would host parties on a saturday.

Next post I will go into a little bit about parties and how they differ from the clubs.

Lets hear from you......


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