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12/25/2005 12:47 am

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First Blog Entry here

I am so not a personals site person. My social life is pretty much dead, and that doesn't help it. I'm not overly interested in relationships and I am sorta a religious fundamentalist type person and I'm not really for sex cause I can't stand ejacultation. Anyone still reading, you've got to have something better to do. It is christmas Happy Holidays.

If you are still reading and wondering why I have this blog I'll explain. Well I tend to start up blogs most places I go, I have one for ITS magazine (computer stuff) I have one for one that I started as I ended up at the site since I use to party locally, don't so much anymore although I'm still into the music. I have a blog for my old angelfire page and perhaps some others I can't even remember. I'm geussing this blog will not be too current as I'm not really an active member of the community and I'm not seriously looking for relationships off the site... although I do enjoy reading about others bios as it lets me learn about other people which I enjoy doing. I'm not really turned on too much by sexish stuff anymore I've just seen so much of it and I'm definately not looking for it... but I do have one sorta crutch.. I like to listen to a soothing female voice before I go to sleep. It isn't about sex actually it is a reverse sex thing it is a I can be calm and relaxed and I honestly find it soothing and sleep a whole lot better it may go back to my days as an infant, who knows. It is sorta pathetic I geuss but it is the closest I come to seeking a relationship.

I've found guided mediation and sleep induction hypnosis recordings the best because they guide you right into a relaxed state.

Anyway I'm all for making friends but I'm not really looking for a sexual relationship and I'm not really the steady type of guy as I'm attempting to get my post secondary studies in track. I'm interested in Anthropology/First Civilizations(ancient history) and my language choice due to availability was hebrew (as it is one of the older ones) I'm not sure if I will be starting up next fall or if I delay it 6 months longer or a year longer. I'm already so bloody old 25 by the time I'm done school I may be over 30, it is sorta sad, I missed out on life speaking comparitavely but it ain't like it is written in stone regardless.

I'm a relatively happy person, I feel bitter way to often but I relize I have nothing to be upset about because there isn't a way life is suppose to be, life is the way it is.

Merry Christmas

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