Lost Love  

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8/11/2005 5:20 am

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Lost Love

i recently broke up with my fiancee. we broke up because i wanna move to cali. she has several mental problems and those are what i will discuss.

she cuts herself all the time. its a way to release her emotions. this is from her mothers lack of allowing her to show emotion.

my-ex also is very depressed. she would spend hours on my only two days off in the bedroom under the covers (no sexual conotation).

finally she watches her calories so closely she had to find the calorie breakdown for semen. so when she swollowed she knew how much to exorcise the next day.

she told me a couple years ago she had stopped counting calories (she ate approx. 500 a day). how do i know how much her daily intake was you might ask? i found a notebook detailing calories and exorcise routines whilst cleaning up whats left of her stuff.

she was 5'5 & 150 lbs. when i met her. she was convinced she NEEDED to way 115 lbs.. no take into concideration that she had beautiful large thighs and a good sized supple butt. all of which is what i like.

she lost 100 lbs. in 9 months before i met her. so much so fast in fact that her golbladder failed. which had to be removed.

my-ex also has a highly adictive personality. she had done all the major drugs (except crack) before she was 14. she was also a member of narcotics anonamous before said age.

i worry a great deal for her. she moved out 2 weeks ago. leaving me with all the bills of the house plus $3500.00 in debt.

i was hurt finding the info out here continued (which she denied) calorie counting. i was even more hurt though when it only took four days after we broke up (we still lived together then) for her to come back here with hickies. i also found that same day her posted on alt.com.

this is why i am lonely and not really looking for a realtionship. thank you for reading. comments very welcome.

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