Hotel fantasy  

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5/21/2006 9:23 am

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7/25/2006 8:06 am

Hotel fantasy

The sitting and waiting is making me ancy. It took some time to find a good hotel that was out of the way yet not to far away for my lady. As my thoughts drift back to my lady I begin to wonder what she is like. We have spoken on the internet but this will be our first actual encounter. As the anticipation builds I find my self stroking my manhood, feeling it begin to pulse and throb between my fingers. I hope she likes the place I found. I brought some candles and wine to help set the mood. As my mind begins to wander I hear a light knock on the door. Could it be? Yes, yes it is her.

As she enters I begin to undress her with my eyes. Just thinking about the pleasures that await brings the precum to my cock. Slowly I take her hand and guide it down to my throbing manhood. Unzipping my pants she wraps her luscious lips around my shaft eliciting groans of pleasure from me. Realizing how excited I am she backs off so as not to make me cum to soon. Ibegin to take off her blouse and suck and kiss her ample breasts. Making our way to the bed we begin tearing off the rest of our clothes. Getting into a 69 position we begin to bring each other to climax. The taste of her wet dripping pussy is driving me wild. As I bring her closer to climax she starts working my cock faster and faster I begin to explode and eagerly she sucks the cum from my throbbing member. Now it is her turn, licking and working her clit I feel her body start to shudder and then she lets out a moan of pure satisfaction. Eagerly I lick the juices from her glistening slit. Then we both collapse for a much needed rest. Opening the wine I pour her a glass which we both sip together letting our juices mingle with the wine.

After a few minutes of relaxing together suddenly there is a knock at the door. Hmmm. I wonder who that could be. As I make my way to the door my lady says "I have a little surprise for you I hope you don't mind" I respond by saying that I like surprises. As I open the door I see a lovely looking lady and a gentleman standing there. My lady says to let them in so I do and as the new girl brushes past she says "What vulcan don't you recognize me? Perhaps this will help." She then pulls her top of exposing her lovely breasts and then it hits me. "Synfuldlight?" Yes of course its her but who is the stranger? "This is my husband" Lady responds to my unspoken thought. "Welcum" I say as I sit back down on the bed. Slowly Synful undresses exposing her body to my expectant eye. The newcummer and I watch as the ladies start to get aqauinted. Watching their delicate tongues work on each other as masterfully as any artist can stroke their brush is having an effect on the both of us. Burying their faces deep into each other elicites moans and groans of pleasure that has both of us standing at attention. As the ladies bring each other to orgasm we decide to move in. Postitioning myself behind Synful I insert my cock all the way to the hilt as Lady licks my balls. The Newcummer starts to tongue Lady as Synful strokes his shaft. As I thrust away I feel an explosion as I shoot my cum deep inside of Synful. Pulling out Lady grabs my cock and starts to suck on it. I begin to tongue ladies pussy causing her to moan lightly. The necummer caught up in the excitement is pounding away hard at Ladies pussy causing her to moan as the orgasm builds. Suddenly Lady screams with pleasure as she orgasms which further excites Synful causing her to orgasm in my face as I tongue her deeply. Lady and I are exhausted but Newcummer and Synful are just begginning to get warmed up.
Stay tuned more to cum!

vulcan0000 46M
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5/26/2006 8:41 am

Yes indeed, and I do love fantasizing about those big beautiful breasts of yours "synfuldlight". Who knows maybe you will make another appearance. Makes me swell just thinking about it. Maybe you and "wetlips4fun69" could turn my fantasy into a dream cum true. Woo Hoo! Now if I only could send an email. Hmm, I'm gonna have to do something to get some more points I guess. Have a good one and "keep it naughty Spokane!"

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