Yay! A Sex Dream!  

vrec_dawn 39M
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2/6/2006 4:01 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Yay! A Sex Dream!

Last night I actually had a naughty dream. It was the first one I've had since the divorce that didn't involve the ex trying to seduce me so that she could hurt me. She wasn't in this one at all. There were no bad emotions, no taint from current events, nothing like that. It was just a sex dream, pure and true.

Granted, it only involved making an amateur porno film of this really hot woman with a bunch of men around her (myself included) holding and using various dildos for her. It was all about her. None of us were going to get any. **LOL**

Worse, it was broken up by an intrusion during the filming, so she didn't even get to climax. Instead she had a little fit of "I can't work like this!" as she stormed off.

But it was a real sex dream, purely about the sex, not about the ex.

And I was holding this awesome dildo. It was a snake. (A pagan symbol of transformation, which was another positive sign from the dream.) It was green translucent gel. In the center of it was a chrome metal spine that clicked as you bent it around, holding it in whatever general shape you bent it. The snake's body wasn't curved like you would expect, but angular, and with little nubles sticking out like little horns on the scales. The head of the snake was surprisingly similar in shape to the head of a penis. The tail however was tapered very thin, for inserting into tighter places. It was an awesome design. If I ran a dildo making company, I'd so make that one.

The dream itself was pretty enjoyable too. I love watching (and helping) a woman masturbate. I love seeing and feeling the skin flush hot. I love feeling them get wetter and wetter. I love the little sounds they make. I love that look on their face as they get closer and closer. And then that tensing right as they get there, followed by the little tremors of ecstacy. When you're getting yourself off as well you don't really have the opportunity to take it all in like you do when you're just helping. It's such an amazing experience. I love it.

It's just too bad that in this dream things didn't get that far. That's kind of a bad sign I suppose, as was my not getting any, but it's still such a marked improvement that I can't help but be happy about it anyway.

mysteriesofme 44F

2/7/2006 8:39 am

cool... can't wait for the next one to haunt you..

and the next

and the next

and the next..

until you finally do something about them... leaves giggling

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