What a Bright Idea!  

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4/14/2006 9:25 pm

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4/16/2006 6:55 am

What a Bright Idea!

Now, I've tried a few compact fluorescent blubs before, and they always disappoint. They're often just too big to fit into where you want to use them. And their 'equivalent' matching to standard lightbulbs is usually way off. Typically I've gone with 60W rated (usually around 13-15W real) bulbs, for size reasons, and they're performance is at best on par with a 40W regular lightbulb. Which is pretty crappy for lighting a room, but to save the environment, I've tried putting up with.

But while at Wallyworld, I passed by a display of these "Sunlight Bulb" things from Lights of America (which sounds like yet another Wallyworld house brand) using FluoreX technology. Oooh. Sounds impressive. And you know what? It actually is.

The first thing you'll notice with them is that the color is not the typical lightbulb yellow light. It's much more blue-toned than that. Or, well, actually white, you know, like natural sunlight. But you're just so not used to white from a lightbulb. And this, in turn, actually makes their light output for once on par with the regular bulbs that they're replacing. I bet they'd do well for houseplants.

But also the shape of the bulbs is thinner. They're a little longer, but they'll at least fit into some places a lot better for being thinner. I tried out the 75W equivalent (20W in reality) bulbs in my ceiling light (in which a lot of these compacts won't even fit because they're too wide), expecting to finally just match a 60W bulb, and they fit. The length makes them look a little funny, but honestly, for the improvement in every other way, I really don't mind, because not only are they matching a 60W bulb, they're actually exceeding that, meeting the 75W equivalent that they claim to be. Which makes me think I should try their 60W version, if they have one.

These bulbs really are equal to a 75W regular bulb. And the white light over the yellow light is just such an improvement. It's like a whole different room now!

So if you've ever tried replacing your regular bulbs with compact fluorescents and been disappointed like I've been, I say hop over to Wallyworld and see if you can find these, because for once, they actually work as advertised. Helping the environment never looked so good.

singleagain53578 46F

4/15/2006 11:36 pm

Yeah I saw those light bulbs in yer cart and was going to ask what you were going to use those crazy looking things for but I reframed myself. Glad they worked out for ya!


vrec_dawn replies on 4/16/2006 6:43 am:
Yep. The ones you saw were the 60W version. And they're perfect. They really do equal a 60W bulb, and they're only as long as a regular lightbulb. So they fit just fine. They're expensive, but they're worth it. And 2x15W=30W with these energy savers, over the 2x60W=120W that they're replacing. So that'll cut down on the energy bill if I use them anyplace I have a light on often.

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