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6/29/2005 3:54 pm

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Okay, now it's double posted. One might think that maybe I'd hit the add button twice because I was impatient, but no! Honestly, I didn't. Bad server! Bad!

Anywhat, I might as well move on to my next weird post 'o the day.

So shaving 'down under', I decided to try these cute little bikini line razors I saw at Wally World. I figured maybe they'd work better, because, you know, they're designed for shaving there.

Well, it was definately different, that's fore sure.

They do have better control, mostly because they're just little. But they made me feel pretty raw afterwords. I haven't had a shave leave me that unconfortable since I tried Nairing down there. (By the way, men, DON'T. You know that cute little line up the scrotum? SUPER BURN SENSITIVE! The rest came out okay, but geeze did that little line burn badly.)

So anyway, those razors may well be good for women, who don't have quite the soft, squishy, stretchy, whatevery skin of men. With just some minor curves there instead of playing ball, maybe it works just fine. But it just flat out left me sore. So meh.

Honestly, I'm starting to run out of ideas. I'm sure as hell not going to wax. Razors just suck. Nair burns. It just seems like nothing works well for de-hairing a scrotum.

I wonder if fire would do any good...

Meanwhile my wife is convinced that I'm gay! **ROFL** As if. I'm just tired of hair getting caught in that constantly expanding and contracting mass 'o flesh that we men have. You wonder why men have to adjust themselves all the time? It's the damn hair! It pulls. It hurts. It's really badly designed.

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