V is for ... Vrec?  

vrec_dawn 39M
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5/20/2006 8:22 am
V is for ... Vrec?

I got a nice 12 hours of sleep. So I'm good again. This morning I woke up feeling ...creative. So when I did my normal Saturday Level Grooming, I had a bit of fun with it. In the end, I shaved my pubic hair into a V.

Actually, it wasn't entirely intentional. Since I've been depressed, I'd just been letting things go. Now that I'm not as depressed, it's time to fix some things.

So at first I was just trimming up, leaving enough hair to do whatever I wanted when I decided what I wanted to do. But then I decided that was too much hair. So I trimmed that up into a classic triangle. Only that was boring. So I removed a triangle from the inside. I was really just going for the geometry of it. It was only when I was showering afterward that I realized I'd just made a big V. Oh well. That works too.

So far I kind of like it. It's there, and interesting, but not too much hair. Of course it's not exactly grown in yet. Maybe as it gets a little more pronounced I'll decide I don't like it. Or my whim will change and I'll just not like it anyway for any other reason. **shrug** Who knows.

But for today at least, I'm sporting a V. No pictures though. If you want to see for yourself, you'll just have to do it in person.

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