The Weirdest Damn Dream!  

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6/17/2006 6:19 am
The Weirdest Damn Dream!

Okay, here's a weird dream to laugh at. I'm sure there must be meanings buried in it, but geeze it was just so ... weird.

So it starts out that I'm 'walking' along with a cousin of mine. I say walking, but really, I'm in a sleeping bag. It goes all the way up my neck. Yet somehow my arms are sticking out the sides. Don't ask, I don't know. I was camping, I guess. But so when I say walking, I really mean hop-hop-hoping.

So this cousin and I are talking about when we were kids, and how I used to steal his big bicycle, and he'd be forced to take my little one. Two things are 'wrong' here. First, we never grew up together like that. He's like 10 years older than me. So this bicycle thing never took place in reality. Second, he's rather noticably developmentally disabled in real life. In the dream, well, you sure as heck wouldn't have known it. Weird? It get's weirder.

The question is, where are we walking towards? To a store in a stripmall where he works. Why? Because I need some more camping supplies like food and clothes. Yet this store is more like ... hmm ... Super Walmart meets Sears. Weird? Hardly yet.

Sales folks greet us as I hop into the store with knowing comments. Like people hop on in, wearing only a sleeping bag, to get camping supplies all the time.

So I shop as I hop around the store while my cousin talks to coworkers on his day off.

And what food do I look at? Well, I picked up a box of microwavable white rice! Not only am I not a fan of how plain white rice is, but microwavable? Camping? I dunno either. But this is the kind of nonsense I'm looking at as I shop.

Then I get up to the top floor. (This store had three floors!) There they have a freezer section with lots of big cuts of meat. And I'm looking at this 20lb paper-wrapped hunk of beef for $10.50, thinking that even if a lot of it is crap, for that price, I'm sure I could find enough good meat there to make it worth it. Just not while I'm camping. So I'll have to remember to come back!

Well, then I see this whole donut bakery section. Ooooooooh. It was like walking into a Krispy Kreme shop. I was actually a little disappointed that it wasn't more like Dunkin' Donuts, because I like theirs better. And very disappointed that I couldn't buy one because I'm on a diet.

And as I get closer to have a look anyway, torturing myself, there, behind the counter, making the donuts, is Wolfgang Puck! Except he didn't look like he does in real life. Don't ask how I 'recognized' him, but it was him. But he looked, and talked, exactly like Dom DeLuise! (You can see that now it's getting pretty weird, no?) He even laughed like him. I swear it was like watching Cannonball Run.

And then I remember thinking, well, damn. I can't not get a donut now!

Only all of the donuts were so ... normal. It was like, well, what's so special about these? I got a bavarian cream filled bismark one. It was okay, don't get me wrong, but it was nothing unique. I could get one of these anywhere, and just about as good too.

As I'm muching my donut and walking away, that's when the tray comes out. OMG! Here is this tray laden with grey square donuts. And on each one is like it was stamped with something like the electronics symbol for an on/off switch, you know, with the 1 in the center of a 0. And the tray has this label with name and price. The name of these donuts is: Amiomio. (Only the first io is again spelled with this symbol.) So I talk with Wolfgang about this donut and he's pronouncing it with emphasys on the last syllable. Hell if I've ever heard the word before, or know what it means. But anyway...

So I buy one and taste it. He promises me I'll love it. And OMG was it gooooooood. It was like a strange tiramisu donut. The outside layer was this melty soft cake that tasted almost like shortbread. Then under that was a layer of a dry espresso cream. And at the very center was a layer of rich chocolate cake. And holy crap was this one hell of a donut!

Only it wasn't 'perfect'. It was very very good, but the shortbread didn't taste buttery enough to me, and so kind of got lost in all the other rich flavors. It was just a little too dry. And so here we are talking about how to improve on the recipie. And he's actually listening to me, like I'm a freaking chef myself worth talking to, not just some random nutcase wearing a sleeping bag! That was about where the dream ended, but I knew that in his next batch he'd get it just right, because it was like we understood each other on a perfect level, that we could actually taste in our minds what we were talking about.

And I never did get around to all of my shopping.

Nor do I know how I paid for anything! I just 'bought' it without me having to provide any money.

So that is my weird dream! Not very sexy (unfortunately), but something unique, I'm sure. I just wonder what the hell any of it means!

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