Sometimes it's better just to stay home.  

vrec_dawn 40M
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7/17/2005 2:39 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Sometimes it's better just to stay home.

So the wife and I go out to the movies. The previews start and it's all blurry. We watch someone go and complain. It gets a little better, but not much. So we go and complain. We're told that they're working on it. It gets worse again. So fifteen minutes into the movie, I'm getting a headache. My wife tells me that she's feeling dizzy. And who wants to watch a whole movie out of focus? Obviously no one at that theater can focus a damn projector. So we leave, catch the manager on the way out, and get our money back for the movie. Well, great, except that we've also paid the sickeningly marked up prices for snacks to eat during a movie that we're now not seeing. Oh well. Chalk it up to ____ happens.

So then as we're trying to leave we're almost run over by an idiot not paying attention to the crosswalk. Then as we're driving home an out of state tourist cuts us off, goes way under the speed limit, and then when I get a chance to pass them cuts us off again while I'm passing them.

Then while grocery shopping for the week at Wally World on the way home, they have four regular items that I've never seen out of stock before, that are out of stock today. Two of which are fairly important staples. Well luckily we're not completely out at home, so we can go shopping later in the week, but still. It's most definately a first there.

And it's hotter than hell and humid out.

Had I just known I could have stayed home and been way happer. All in all so far the day has almost rated as a stress inducing complete waste of money and time.

regmanabq 47M
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7/17/2005 7:15 pm

Well, if you are such a genius, why didn't you go fix the movie!

Sorry, too many people being impatient today. Cut the folks at the theatre some slack. You think they really train those folks for $5 an hour? Remember the old days when union pros ran the projector and it always worked? Willing to pay the ticket price to have pros in there instead of 15 year old kids?

vrec_dawn 40M

7/20/2005 3:02 pm

Are you kidding me? I would have fixed it in a heartbeat if I were allowed in the projection room. It'd be easy as pie.

1) In total I gave them twenty minutes to get it right.

2) The manager was under the impression that it had been fixed, even though my wife and I were far from the only ones reporting it being out of focus. Obviously they were intent on ignoring the problem.

3) I'm sorry, but it is not exactly difficult to focus any form of optics. I can't imagine that a movie projector is somehow infinitely more complicated than, say, an SLR camera, a microscope, a telescope, etc. I haven't seen optics yet that don't work on the incredibly simple concept of adjusting the focal width and length. Match the projection up to the target size, and then get it into focus. Two knobs. Easy as pie.

4) Tickets are hardly cheap, and concession purchases are marked up almost more than humanly imaginable. The theaters have way more than enough money to hire pros or train kids. They just choose not to because it's more profit for them. It's the same reason why big companies outsource to India. It's not that they can't afford skilled labor, but that it's simply more profit to use the cheapest solution.

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