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vrec_dawn 39M
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9/3/2006 8:18 am

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So Here's A Kicker

This one will make you laugh. Though most of what went on during our vacation will remain a secret in our hearts and maybe the ears of a very few close friends, this one is just too good not to share.

So it's our last night together. I take this beautiful woman to the best place I know for dinner, a place that I know she'll appreciate on many different levels. It's hard to find. It's expensive. But it's wonderful and very worth it, especially for someone so deserving.

There we are, staring into each other's eyes, me and this rare gem I found on AdultFriendFinder, both of us dressed sexy as hell and sharing a perfect romantic moment.

And over walks my uncle!

And my aunt.

And my cousin.

Oh, and hey, there at that table just within staring distance sits my grandma, her twin sister, another aunt, and her significant other! Of all of the nights, all of the times, and all of the places to have a family gathering at a place that is most definately not a family restaurant, at a time that is most definately too late in the evening to be a family time, there they all are. My whole freaking father's side of the family! On my first date since my divorce, with someone from AdultFriendFinder!

Ye gods I could have died!

I mean what are the fucking odds?!?!?!

The universe has a very sick sense of humor.

sophia4u2no 49F

9/3/2006 10:39 am

hahaha, did you ever think it was reunion , you weren't invited, so they were having it at an out of the way place to avoid YOU? lmmfao, that is so perfect. Sophia

vrec_dawn replies on 9/3/2006 6:03 pm:
Gee, that'd be even better!

But no, I know that's at least not true because I've been invited to more family events in the past year than I have been in several years combined. I'm a part of the fam again. We're just nutcases is all. We do weird crazy things. It's in the genes.

druidrocker 62F

9/3/2006 10:01 pm

Hay - so which story did you go with - was I the "high priced hooker" you hired for the night to celebrate your divorce - or was I the "old" friend from out of town.
You didn't mention the part about how upset you were and I made a joke and you leaned over across the table and kissed me before you remembered we were being watched - ya - you all should have seen him dive for cover after that one - talk about cute !

vrec_dawn replies on 9/4/2006 10:10 am:
Gee. Thanks for helping me 'remember' that.

But I just went with the truth. My best friend drove a long way to help me get over my divorce and see where our feelings for each other could take us. And though we found we loved each other very much, unfortunately life is never so simple.

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