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5/15/2005 6:32 pm

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Party Party Party

What a weekend. First a party for my Grandma's 80th birthday on Saturday. Lots of Chinese food. Yum yum yum! She's doing really great for her age. Grandpa isn't, but he was able to come out to eat and all, so he's not doing too badly. (Since some days he doesn't even get out of bed.)

Then today a cousin's birthday party. Brats and hotdogs (urg, ground up god knows whats) but still, I got to spend time with family. I even got some one on one time with my grandpa and learned a bit about his childhood that I never knew. It was pretty cool.

And he got out two days in a row. Wow. Sure, he was tired, but he made the effort and he survived it. I really think if he had a positive attitude he could do better. He's just tired of living though. I can't really blame him for that, but his health will have to get worse before waiting to die will actually get him anywhere. :\ It'd be nice if he could find a way to enjoy what life he has left, at least on a more regular basis.

Anywho, between that and actually getting sleep (oh, and catching Mew Mew and my other cartoons) I've had a really weird but enjoyable weekend. I totally missed catching a movie, but oh well, maybe next weekend.

Now if I can just manage to seduce my wife for a happy ending...

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