Out For A Walk  

vrec_dawn 39M
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3/29/2006 3:54 pm
Out For A Walk

Hey, I finally remembered to take my pedometer out on my walk today! Wow. The world may end. Have any porcine aeronautics been observed? Does Satan need an overcoat?


So because my weightloss seemed to hit a standstill and I decided that perhaps my old route wasn't quite challenging enough, I've adopted a new route. It starts out as one GJ showed me, but in reverse. I head down Effinger, walk along Lake, and head back towards town. But instead of coming back in on Water then, I keep going, head downtown to Third, shift to Second at Elizabeth, come down Remington-Mound, swing around at Water, and finally come home.

My pedometer measures this as 2.18 miles. But it's a cheap thing that won't let me program in my stride length. When I multiply the steps by my stride, I get 2.93 miles. Since I don't know which number is more accurate, I'll just split the difference and round it at two and a half miles. Sounds fair.

Of course the advantage of this walk is that it's back and forth across the river, which means a scenic route both ouside town and in town, as well as a lot of up and down hill walking.

So hey, it's a good walk anyway. It'll be a shame when summer comes and it gets too hot to walk.

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