No, I'm not dead.  

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9/13/2005 1:02 pm

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No, I'm not dead.

I know, it's been a long time since I've made an entry. Ye gods, but I feel like I've just been fighting the same flu for at least three weeks now. It's been no fun. I get over it, then I get sick again, then I get over it, then I get sick again. I've basically been staying just well enough to keep going to work. I'm sure it's that my immune system is just shot. Between allergies, stress from work, stress from gas prices, stress from worrying about Ozzy (an old Air Force friend that last I knew was back with his parents in Louisiana), visiting with friends of known less-than-ideal health, etc., I'm sure that my immune system just hasn't had time to rebuild itself. So I just keep getting sick. Blah.

At least somewhere in there I managed to get well enough to do a Reiki I class and get my attunement. I may have been on and off sick a lot lately, but at least I've been keeping fairly busy. (Err ... which may be another reason I'm not getting better ... not enough rest time.)

And damn I'm pissed too. Bob (my koi) died after the tank broke, which was bad enough. But then a week later when the other fish seemed recovered I went and bought a couple of little baby koi from Walmart. Well damn if ALL of my goldfish didn't keel over dead from hemorrhagic septicemia. I recognized the symptoms in time to treat them, but they all died anyway. It's a freaking nasty bacteria that just attacks the heart until the fish is too weak to go on living. It was awful. And now all of my nice pretty goldfishy friends that I've had for years are dead. While the new little koi grin evilly.

I wish I could sue Walmart for that crap. Can't they keep their own damn fish disease free? What's worse is that they're obviously carriers who have gotten over the disease themselves but can still give it to others. Had I seen any signs of disease I would have kept them in a quarantine tank and cured them. But they had looked fine. Hell, they still are fine. It's just the rest of my fish that are dead now.

Oh well. Live and learn I guess. As you can tell, I've got one hell of a great life going on lately. But no, I'm not dead.

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