Never Go To Bed Angry  

vrec_dawn 39M
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8/2/2006 9:00 pm
Never Go To Bed Angry

So It's 9.30, an hour past when I should have fallen asleep. I've even been in my bed for that hour, lights off, trying to sleep.

But damn. No such luck.

So I called my ex. I won't say we're exactly buddy-buddy again, but I think at least we've reached an understanding. So I can lay that frustration of the day to rest.

Then there's the trunk. Damn it, I just don't like the rope tie to close it. So I tried something. Only that didn't work. So I tried something else. That didn't work. So I tried something else. That almost worked. So then I modified that, and now it works. My trunk closes again! No more rope. Now to scrape off the old paint and spraypaint over the bare spots and it'll be as good as I care to bother with.

I won't say it's a wonderful repair job. Mostly I just replaced the bar that the latch catches on with a flimsy one made out of four thin steel rods clipped from a birdcage (long story, no need to ask) and bent into shape to catch and support each other. It's flimsy, but it seems to work after a bunch of repeated slammings. So it's all good, at least for now. And I know that if I get the right materials I can make a better one.

So, hey, two annoying issues resolved, and it's now 11pm, which is 2.5 hours past my bedtime. I freaking hope I can get to sleep now!

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