My New Monitor!  

vrec_dawn 40M
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7/28/2006 1:04 pm

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7/29/2006 8:27 am

My New Monitor!

Hey! This thing kicks much asterisk!

It was kind of expensive, but so far it's been greatly worth it.

It's a 24" widescreen LCD. As some LCD owners know, the two worst problems are dead pixels (I have none) and blurring when you scroll through stuff or game (which this monitor doesn't suffer from). This Samsung 244T is just great!

As the picture shows, it also has analog hookups that I've plugged my VCR in to. So I can play DVDs on my computer, and watch tapes and TV through the VCR. (Or watch TV through my computer using the TV card I put in it.) All displayed on my nice new monitor. And the sound is coming through my nice new speakers. I also have Picture In Picture, which comes in handy too. I've a very fun little media center now. And it all fits nicely on my computer desk. (More by pure luck than anything.)

But as you'll also notice, this thing is freaking W I D E. I mean that's AdultFriendFinder showing up there on the monitor. Look at how dumbly it's formatted. It doesn't even take up half of my screen's width. That's all just useless white space. I hate bad layout programming. Dynamic sizing was invented for a reason! Ah well. At least when I multi-task and game that space comes in handy.

Speaking of games, my first act with the new monitor was to boot up Doom3. OMFG! My crappy old dying 17" monitor just wasn't doing that game justice. It's so freaking weird to see everything in so much more detail now. (But nice.)

So, hey, I'm happy. I have my new shiny. I no longer have to deal with a dying monitor. I've got as close to a TV replacement as I can get without having used an actual TV. (Because doing that tends to suck as a computer monitor when it comes to gaming.) And I can't wait to play a movie on this sucker! The resolution is 1920x1200, so it's easily capable of even the highest 1080P high-def formatting. (Which almost nothing is recorded in.) I just wish I had a decent movie to watch. My ex took pretty much everything worth watching. Maybe I'll have to run out to Wally World tonight so that I can sit back and bask in the new crystal clarity. He he he.


druidrocker 62F

7/28/2006 3:09 pm

wow - you really got a "BIG' one !

vrec_dawn replies on 7/28/2006 6:35 pm:
He he he. Don't you know it! Sometimes size really does matter.

And is it pathetic that I went out and bought the widescreen DVD of The Transporter just to watch a widescreen movie on my new monitor? He he he he.

Now all I need to complete the circle of shiny is a subwoofer. Boom boom boom boom!

(I think I'm enjoying this entirely too much. It's almost enough to make me forget that I'm still sleeping on an air mattress and have altar cloths stuffed into my windows as curtains. Good to know I have my priorities straight! He he he.)

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