Merry Lughnasadh/Lammas!  

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8/2/2006 5:54 pm

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Merry Lughnasadh/Lammas!

Okay, so I'm a day late. Sorry. But what with being smashed, bashed, and driven to exhaustion, I think it only fair to give me a wee bit of leeway.

So that's right pagans and such, it's time to celebrate the first of the harvest holidays! Yum yum! Cook your traditional dishes to celebrate and have a ball.

I think it fair to note the freakish self-sacrifice of my car on this harvest holiday. It's served me well, but it's time is at an end. Of course I'll still have to drive the bugger until my Prius gets here, but that's okay. It's been worked to death.

Thank the God and Goddess that my neck is much better today. Rest, stretching, massage, hot water, energy work, etc. all seem to have done the trick. I'd barely know I'd been given whiplash yesterday morning.

Though my day has so far been anything but mundane. For, you see, though I was smart enough to tie down my trunk, I was not gifted with the foresight to yank out the trunk light's bulb! So when I went to start my car this morning my battery was dead. Oops!

Ah well. Fortunately, after a lot of frantic calling around to various friends and family that I thought might be up around that time, I finally managed to get a jump start. Yay! Though getting the car out of the garage proved tricky. I got it into neutral and pushed it out, but I came awfully close to first losing a mirror, and second watching it roll down the driveway and out into the road before I could open the door and hop in. It was a close one. But so, drenched in sweat and an hour late, I finally made it off to work.

But, that's not all of the excitement in that hectic morning. For, as you see, as I waited for my knight in shining armor to boost me, I took a closer look at the trunk latch. Well I'll be damned. The latch mechanism actually seems to not be broken after all. From what I can make of it, mechanically it functions properly. Yet my trunk still doesn't close. Why not? Because now that I look very closely (by sitting in the trunk as I close it) the frame itself has been bent down about a centimeter so that the latch can no longer quite reach. Damn. Having a bent frame isn't good.

So now an easy fix for that looks impossible. At least not without a way to bash my car's ass back up that critical centimeter. Nerds! I guess it's rope-a-dope the trunk closed for a month until my Prius arrives. Not much else I can do.

Well, maybe. We'll see. Who knows? Necessity is the mother of invention and I'm a tinkerer. Maybe I'll think of something. I already have an idea, though it could turn out to be quite stupid. If it works though, then being a packrat could pay off. The paint scratches are dorky enough, but a trunk tied closed with a rope is downright pathetic. So I hope I can figure something out. It hopefully only has to last for a month and a half anyway.

So that's been my Lughnasad. My car and I feel more like the sacrifice/harvest than the beneficiary this year. Oh well. I'm still excited about the Prius, and all considered it could have been a lot worse, so I'm still in optimistic mode.

But now I got home really darn late tonight because I worked overtime on top of coming in late. So it's been a LONG day. **sigh** Pity it had to end with yet another fight with the ex. Why can't she just grow up and be responsible for a change?

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