Men Are Pigs  

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12/4/2005 6:50 am

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Men Are Pigs

**LOL** Well some are anyway, thank goodness.

So it looks like the first actual test of our open relationship is falling through fairly quickly. The guy that my wife admitted having some feelings for when he told her of his feelings for her, has not just but days later acted like a complete jerk to her. **LOL**

Not that I saw it coming or anything. The guy is just weird. Sometimes he's nice, but there's just some nagging thing wrong with him.

In this case he takes her out to a high level area (and she's only got a medium to low level character) to impress her with the scenery. He convinces her to log out in that area because he'll be back on later to take her out safely. Only when he logs back in later, he ignores her requests for help in getting out because he's busy talking to friends, and then he logs out again without even saying goodbye. **LOL** Nice, huh?

Luckily another friend bailed her out so that she could play the game some more, but she lost several hours of play time trying to get someone to help her out when her new love interest was supposed to do it. So she's pissed at him, of course.

And I couldn't be happier! **LOL**

I mean really, if she wants to fool around with another guy (or even a woman) that's fine with me ... so long as this 'other' is nice to her and to me. And this guy was already not very nice to me. Now he's blown her off too. So he's just got to go.

I mean honestly, we may (theoretically anyway) be interested in meeting new people, but I'd like to think that as long as she and I love each other this much, anyone new will have to be open to being friends with both of us. Anyone that tries to steal one of us away from the other is not going to be good for our relationship. **ROFL**

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