Last Night's Crazy Dream  

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5/24/2005 3:45 am

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Last Night's Crazy Dream

Alright. I told you that it'd happen. Last night's dream started out nice enough. I was joining a friend on a vacation to Alaska. Cool right?

Only when I get to the airport I find out that they've screwed u p my ticket. I manage to struggle through their incompetence and get on the flight I was supposed to be on.

Then, in flight, I get arrested by the FBI who think that I'm a terrorist because I'm sitting in the seat a terrorist had been going to sit in, had he not cancelled his trip, only the FBI weren't aware of that.

Then I get the full body cavity search and in-flight interrogation because they don't believe me that I'm not a terrorist. I have several arguments with them.

It gets kind of confusing from there. I get shot at (but luckily not actually shot). The plane goes down in flames somewhere in or near Alaska. And most of us survive the crash itself only to struggle not to freeze to death while we wait for a rescue.

<sarcasm>All in all, it was a nice peaceful night.</sarcasm>

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