Jesus Hairy Batowitz!  

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6/4/2006 1:32 am

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Jesus Hairy Batowitz!

What the hell? Three in the morning, and I wake up to a bat flying around my bedroom! Not funny!

( Okay, yeah, maybe a little.)

That'll teach me to try leaving my door open to create an airflow in the house with my windows open at night. You don't hear arguments like that when people talk about energy conservation.

Keep in mind, I only left my bedroom door open. And windows with screens open. No holes in the screens. They're firmly attached. So how the hell are these bats getting into the house? I'm going to be seriously concerned if a third finds its way in somehow.

At least this time I knew the drill. I closed my bedroom door except for a crack too small for it to fly through, and just watched it circle the room until it wore itself out. For some reason the little guys don't want to land. I think they're just as pissed about being in the house as I am at having them. Goodness knows why they come in then. But they're definately not at home indoors. So they wear themselves out going in circles looking for an escape. Then when they're exhausted they finally 'land'. (Though always clinging to something in a high up place.)

Of course this nutter goes and lands in this little crack in the corner between the frame of the door of my bedroom and the frame of the door to the closet. It left me no way to easily plop his tired ass into a pot, like I did last time. So I grabbed a towel and struggled with him to grab him.

Oooooh! You should hear bat cursing! Man was he unhappy about being touched by something. Ra ra ra ra ra! Yeah, like I'm any happier about getting that close dude. Just settle and let me get you out of here! So I grabbed him in the towel and then plopped the towel into the pan. This time I even put the lid on it since he'd gotten so riled up.

Thank goodness he didn't bite me and I got him out safely. I just hope he's not the same dumb bat finding his way in. And I'd freaking love to know how they're getting in! I thought maybe it was through the drier vent with the first one because that wasn't hooked up at the time and I'd taken the vent tube away from it's outlet. So there was a little hole there for a bat to climb in. (Why it'd want to, I don't know.) But no. This time the drier was hooked up again. So that can't be it! Now I just don't know. It's not like I have holes in my house or a screenless window (or outside door) open.

**sigh** But this isn't fun. I really don't like waking up in the middle of the night to stupid bats that have gotten themselves somewhere they don't belong and don't want to be. Waking up to a bat flying around your room is nearly a scream worthy experience. Of course I just cursed at the little bugger. I'm glad to say I didn't scream.

And thank goodness for the little buggers'sakes that I'm not a violent person, or there'd be two less bats in the world.

EDIT: And now at 4.15 I'm finally winding down enough to go back to bed. Adrenaline sucks when it's misplaced. Thanks Peche85 for giving me a new blog to read while I calmed down.

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