It's All Green  

vrec_dawn 40M
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7/22/2006 8:27 am
It's All Green

Today is a GREEN day.

* I finally felt safe enough after the rain to mow the back lawn. (Back and front are out of sync at the moment, so letting the front grow a bit more / get more green before I dare mowing it.)

* A pumpkin (or other gourd) vine is growing in a spot where my ex dumped a bunch of rotting Halloween/fall 'decorative' pumpkins and gourds two years ago. (I wonder if it will actually fruit. That'd be cool.)

* The $4.5 grand that my ex accidentally took out of my checking account (we had two accounts and she took it from the wrong one) was put back in so that I actually have the money to pay my bills again.

* Opening up my energy bill my KWH of electricity used this month is only 465, as opposed to this month last year's 1,509! So only having one small AC running and putting in those energy efficient lightbulbs is really helping me save some money, and the environment!

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