I Didn't Fall!  

vrec_dawn 39M
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4/15/2006 4:27 pm

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4/16/2006 6:43 am

I Didn't Fall!

A friend ( singleagain53578 ) thought it'd be fun to start rollerblading again. In my dazed innocense, I said that sounded like fun. And now I own some inline skates. A nice cheap pair from Wallyworld.

Now, this in itself doesn't sound horribly wrong. In fact, it does sound fun.

There's just one catch:

I've never skated before in my life!


I just spent the last hour going back and forth and back and forth down the only clear strip in my basement. (Because I'm too chicken to do it outside where the neighbors can see me flailing my arms like a fool.) And you know what? I may not have it yet, but after an hour of going back and forth and back and forth, I never once fell. No sore ass for me.

Very sore calves though. Wow does this ever use different muscles than walking! It was quite the workout.

There were times when I almost felt like I had it. And then those were usually followed immediately by times where I was totally screwing up.

But I'm learning something new. And I'm laughing. And I'm having fun. And maybe one day I'll even brave doing it outside of my house.

singleagain53578 46F

4/15/2006 11:33 pm

That's why I told you to get some and why I got mine out of hock. You do need believe the muscles you can tone roller blading that you can not do just plain oloe walking. You practiced today. I am jealous. You are going to be sooooo much better than I am. I think I might have to go buy myself a new pair now too. I noticed that mine are a bit rusty and the wheels do not move very well. Hmmmm I only wore them once. Must be the cold damp storage shed.

Now tomorrow- it's the BIG PARKING lot across your house!


vrec_dawn replies on 4/16/2006 6:52 am:
Yeah, storage sheds are harsh on just about anything you put in there. At least so I've heard. Luckily I've never collected up so much stuff that I've needed one. Though if I ever moved before having a ton of garage sales, this time, I might.

But yeah, that sucks. Maybe some WD40? (And some duct tape and a hammer?) That or the ones at Wallyworld were only twenty bucks. And if you don't like them you can just return them. I was afraid new ones would cost like over a hundred or something. So twenty worked.

I don't know about hitting the big parking lot yet though... Maybe another basement excusrion or two until I feel like I can actually move slowly without being the human windmill.

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