I'm Not As Think As You Drunk I Am!  

vrec_dawn 39M
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5/21/2006 7:53 am

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5/23/2006 3:35 pm

I'm Not As Think As You Drunk I Am!

(To borrow a line from M*A*S*H.)

OMFG! What a night!

The fire pit works great. My 'firewood' didn't last quite as long as I'd liked, but then it was just branches I'd trimmed from my maple trees last year combined with branches that've fallen off of my walnut tree. I'm not sure if any of it even really exceeded the range of tinder. But it worked.

It even survived the rain.

I roasted a few hotdogs. In the rain. And roasted myself. No, not in the fire. With Smirnoff Twisteds, mostly.

As one point I'd completely forgotten that earlier that day I'd bought stuff to make smores. You see, I'd put all of the hotdog stuff together on the table. The drinks were in the fridge. And the smores stuff, for some reason I'd stuck in the pantry. So after having been drinking for a while, I remembered what I could see, and forgot what I couldn't. Luckily in search of marshmellows in the pantry I found my smores bag and all was good. Which was just as well, as I'd been contemplating driving to Wally World to get marshmellows ... and I'm not sure if I was in any condition to drive.

Of course that was nothing compared to later in the night when I'd decided that I'd had enough. I came to that realization when I failed to navigate setting my drink down on a flat rock. Having spilled a lot of it into the grass, I realized that if I kept that up, I wasn't going to be able to drink much anyway. So I stopped.

The fire finally went down to just embers a little before 11. It only lasted that long because I rationed my prepared firewood. Well, while you're cooking you don't really want a big fire anyway. But I kept the fire small after too because it was just nice to sit and watch.

I read for a bit in my tent after the fire went down, wondering why I was feeling so cold. It turned out that my sleeping bag wasn't completely dry. Oops. Should have put it through another cycle in the drier I guess. But I had two bags. I was in one and using the other for padding, so by switching them I found the other one dry. And all was good.

Until when I woke up at 3am freezing my ass off! I guess it was such a nice day, I had difficulty imagining just how damn cold it could get. But my sleeping bag just was not cutting it.

This is where the advangate of sleeping in your own back yard really comes into play. I wussed out and went home. Crawling into my nice warm bed, I snored the rest of the night away in comfort. Not exactly hardcore, I'll admit, but damn it was cold!

So all in all it was a great night of camping in my backyard. I'll have to do it again some time. Some time warmer. Unless I can find someone to keep me warm through the night. He he he. (Or, I suppose, just pack warmer jammies than buck nekkid.)

The funny thing is, I could probably even go fishing in the river right across the street from me. And sometime this summer I hope to pick up a cheap little kayak or canoe. Maybe both. (One for solo, one for with friends.) My hose isn't far from my backyard. And my privacy fence really does give a fair illusion of privacy. So I have quite the little campground, all considered.

But anywho, I guess I couldn't have had too much to drink last night because this morning I only have a mild headache. No real hangover to speak of. I've yet to have one. I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing. Getting me drunk isn't easy. Though it seems easier than it used to be. Maybe losing a lot of weight has something to do with it? I've noticed I get cold a lot easier too now. (Though most of the time I'm still much more at home in colder climates than most people are, even if I do have my limits.)

angelofmercy5 58F
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5/21/2006 8:50 am

I'm glad you actually did it and camped in the back yard! So, you had the best of both worlds.!

vrec_dawn 39M

5/21/2006 10:56 am

Yep yep. I've got to do it more often. I dare say it's almost more fun this way, as stupid as it seems.

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