Getting Back On Track  

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6/5/2006 6:42 pm

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Getting Back On Track

Life (or some of it anyway) is starting to look beautiful again.

So I walked my 'regular' two and a half miles when I got home today. I laugh at how it's not really regular anymore. I have to fix that. For a while now I haven't walked that much. In fact, it hasn't been since the day after I jogged I think that I did the full route. It's awful. But I've been depressed, and sick, and that's when it isn't raining or oppressively hot.

But I'm getting back into it.

And awesome news! I finally got my insurance claim payment! Yay! Now I can afford to replace some stuff around here that I've been doing without what feels like forever. Thank goodness! I was beginning to think I'd never get a bed.

Of course, now I don't know what to do. Hmm... I really don't think I want a queen sized bed. I'm not even sure if I want a 'bed'. I've been thinking futon lately. You know, something I could fold up into a couch when I want to sit back and watch TV ... or something like that. Maybe even use it as a seat in front of the computer. I'd have to put those easy-slide coaster thingies under it to move it around that much, but it'd soooo simplify my bedroom.

The only problem is, they're probably all designed to be couches first, beds second. Where as I want the opposite. I want one that's a good bed, and a halfway decent couch when I'm not sleeping on it. Do they make such a futon? Do they even make ones that hold up to regular use? Or should I just go cheap and put something like an air mattress on top, and just replace it when the inevitable happens when you buy cheap furniture?


I'm so confused.

But now I also have to start looking at a new computer monitor and some 5.1 speakers again. I miss my old stuff, and this ancient monitor from my computer graveyard is close to failing. Though I might go with an LCD monitor this time around, now that the refresh rates are able to handle games, supposedly. I may have to go into Madison to go shopping. Too bad I can't fit a futon (or a bed) in my car. I'm not sure what to do about that...


6/5/2006 7:17 pm

You might consider a daybed. I've know a few people who used those as a bed, but it also doubled as a couch in their living/den areas.

vrec_dawn replies on 6/7/2006 3:33 pm:
A daybed? I've never even heard of those before.

Googling now...

Hmm ... I dunno ... It's definately a bit of a different style than I was thinking, but ... maybe. It's certainly something to consider at the least.

It'd make for a much better bed than a futon. I wonder if I can find one with a removable back. I'd feel weird being so penned in. (Especially if I were sharing the bed with someone. He he he.) But at the same time one with no back at all would make for a horrible couch. Lean back to enjoy a movie and suddenly WHUMP! Heh heh.

But definately something to think about. Thanks for the tip.

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