Fish down! Fish down!  

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7/24/2005 3:57 pm

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Fish down! Fish down!

Poor Bob.

My uncle dropped off his old 60gal aquarium because he wanted to use the space it was in for setting up an entertainment center. Which is nice of him.

He was supposed to drop it off this morning. We were going to help him. (He's only got the use of one arm.)

But instead he got bored and dropped it off early. Without help. While we were out shopping.

Well, okay, no harm, no foul. The aquarium seemed in tact. I don't have a freaking clue how he managed to drop it off without help, but it seemed okay.

Yeah. You may have picked up on that ever so subtle use of 'seemed'. That's because even after checking to make sure that the tank is perfectly level while setting it up and after filling it, and, it broke. Of course, it broke after it had seemed a safe enough amount of time. So my goldfish had been moved out of their 35gal tank into their new 60gal one. It must have had a tiny stress fracture or something from being moved by my impatient uncle. That's all that I can figure. I checked to make sure the tank was balanced, repeatedly.

So yeah, this morning I'm snoring my head off one minute, the next minute I hear this loud crack and the rush of water. And my only thought is, "Oh $#!7!"


I run down stairs, there are my beautiful assortment of goldfish (fantail, calico, koi, ryukin, etc.) flopping around on the floor or in the rapidly draining contents of the tank.

My wife and I are loading them into pots that we've only just filled with goddess only knows what temperature of water and praying to every deity we know that the fish all live somehow.

Only these fish are stressed. So it's not looking good. They've recently been moved to a new tank and now thy're having a near death experience as that new tank broke, and some of them have spent some scary time outside of any water.

We set up the biggest pot we can find as the 'well' fish waiting room, and set up the kitchen sink as the 'so super f-ing stressed that they are hyperventilating while floating upside-down' tank, which I treat with stress coat, salt, magnified healing essence, yada, yada.

And to help keep the oxygen content in the water high I run the air pump for the under-gravel filter as a bubbler in both the pot and the sink.

Yeah. My wife stays with the two koi, Bub and Bob (you know, from the Bubble Bobble arcade/NES game) who are the only ones really stressed out. She keeps them upright, swims them around a little, and runs a lot of magnified healing and reiki healing on them. Bub perks up quickly enough. Bob ... not so quickly.

Hours of hot sweaty (because it was freaking humid before we spilled all of this water) work with the rainbow vacuum cleaner later, the carpet isn't so squishy any more. Bob still hasn't perked up, but at least he hasn't died either.

Another two hours later and the old tank is thoroughly cleaned and mostly set back up again. (Except for the air pump serving in the emergency room.) Bob still hasn't perked up much. He's breathing reasonably normal, but he's so stressed that he can just barely swim, almost like being paralyzed. Which after this many hours is no good. It's better than he was, but still not very good.

I get all of the fish back into their tank. (Even Bob.) They all seem to be doing okay. Bub seems to have fully recovered, and amazingly, the rest haven't stressed out too badly. And even Bob is circling the top, not swimming well, but still looking a bit better at least.

Then Bob starts losing it again. We try to keep him swimming, checking in on him every couple of minutes and helping him out, but after a while it's obvious that he's getting worse. So to keep him from getting stuck at the bottom of the tank we move him back into the sink.

I ran out to Wally World and picked up an air stone and spare pump to give him bubbles while the old tank runs back at full speed. The rest of the fish are all fine as far as I can tell. But Bob is still in critical condition in the kitchen sink emergency hospital. He's picked up a little. His breathing is fairly normal and he wiggles a bit, but he's definately not really swimming yet.

I'd move him somewhere else, but he's nearly a foot long, so I don't have anything else where he can fit all that well without being super cramped. So I worry that the sink will drain on me while I'm not looking. I worry that Bob will finally give up and keel over. And I worry that Bob may perk up and do something stupid like jump out of the water. (Koi are very excitable. I learned the hard way that you need to keep the lid on the tank when you have koi, as they tend to jump. I lost Syl that way, finding her dried up just outside the tank one morning.)

Poor Bob.

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