Drama At Midnight  

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2/9/2006 4:05 am

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Drama At Midnight

Okay, so it was probably a little closer to 1 in the morning when it started. My ex starts throwing up. Then she's complaining about really bad pain in her stomach. We spend almost an hour trying to decide if she needs to go to the hospital or not with her crying, and well, being in a lot of pain. Finally I just say we're going, and we're off.

It turns out that she's got gallstones. She started feeling better after she passed one, so they finally let her go, so long as she sees her regular doctor soon. They're especially concerned because her white blood cell count is up, which means she might have an infection in her gall bladder from the stones. But she's also been feeling sick lately, so it could very well be the flu in our opinion.

But she may need surgery if there is an infection.

We'll see. As I said, we're not convinced that there is one, and even if there is, she may still not need surgery.

But I know that she'll be all right in the end. Now that we know what it is, I'm not too worried.

So after maybe as much as three hours of sleep, and one hell of a stressful night, I'm now off to work. **LOL**

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