Damn Drier  

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5/30/2006 4:48 pm

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Damn Drier

Well, my drier is on the fritz and hell if I know what to do about it. I asked my ex to call the appliance folks since she had the day off today. Hell if she did it though. Not that I can find her to ask, but it's still broke and it didn't look moved, and she's completely undependable, so... I'll have to call them tomorrow and hope that I can schedule some time off to meet the repair dude or dudette. Which is no easy task when you work an hour from where you live.

I took the back panel off and looked at stuff. The timer clicks like it'd still work were there power. The start button looks fine. Everything looks fine. But it don't work none, so somethings done gone an broke.

There are several 'non-resettable cut offs' involved back there. Hell if I know how to tell when one is cut off and when one isn't since I don't have a multimeter. Hell if I can even figure out how their diagram actually relates to the wiring involved. You'd think it'd match up better physically. But it's laid out purely circuit, with no physical relation, so that'd take me time to figure out. But screw it, because hell if I know where to order parts from anyway, even if by chance I figure out what is wrong. It doesn't look like anything standard fuses, resettable circuit breakers, or anything simple and convenient, so meh. Let the pro handle it. I'm just a tinkerer. But I'm about 95% certain that it just overheated and blew something. I had done several cycles in a row that day, which I don't normally do (damn wet sleeping bags) and it is darn hot out lately.

It's just annoying having such hot sweaty weather, and no way to wash and dry clothes. I can't even hang dry with all of this rain.

I guess I could go down to a laundromat, but not until I'm desperate. Ain't no one seeing my undies unless they're getting close and personal. And they cost a fortune in quarters.

Not that breaking your drier is any cheaper. Next time I'll be smarter. I hope.

* Edit: Oh, and yes I checked the main breaker. Yes I checked the emergency switch's two fuses. (Silly to have that and a breaker, but oh well.) And yes I checked the belt and the exhaust. It all looks fine. I even replaced the fuses "just in case". It's definately something electrical in the machine.

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