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6/20/2006 2:57 pm

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Life is a yo-yo. Just when you think you're having fun, it swings around and hits you in the nads. (I bet that's not the description you were expecting.)

Part of the divorce settlement is refinancing the mortgage to take half of the equity out of the house to give to my ex. It seemed like the fair way to do it. I suppose in theory it even is the fair way if you look at it from the perspective that she ever put in 50% of the relationship in any way, shape, or form. And that it's truly a no fault divorce as we've agreed to file instead of it being completely her fault as she claims to no longer love me and to love someone else, as is the actual case. What can I say other than I'm too nice for my own good.

But I just got the appraisal back today. Now, I was thinking the house was worth about 100 grand at most, probably a bit less. That with what is still owed on it I could send her off with five grand, give or take. And that with that she could set up her new life without too much difficulty and I wouldn't have to feel bad. (Don't ask why I'd feel bad, but I would.)

Well, flirk me running with a broomstick the size of Texas!



Freaking 128!

If the math is right, she's getting twenty damn grand out of this divorce!

And that's not counting the five grand from her 'half' of the insurance claim. (Again, a questionable call as it was my computer, my consoles, my games, my altar, etc. that accounted for most of the claim as 'my' room was upstairs while her 'room' was the rest of the house.)

And where I had expected after the refinance for my monthly mortgage/insurance/property tax bills to go down slightly, now, now they're going up by about $150 a month.

I think I no longer believe in divorce. Hiring a hitman is cheaper. 'Til death do us part indeed!

Nah. I wouldn't. I'd put an insurance policy on her first to cover that cost and then some. Since I didn't think that far ahead, it's too late now...

But no, seriously, I suppose I should be happy that someone thinks this dump is worth that much. And if someone out there is really willing to pay that much for it when/if I decide to sell it - which may be a while, or not, I really don't know right now - then that's nice. Because I still have half of my equity unspent.

But ... DAMN!

Life is so unfair.

I should have just kicked her out on her ass when she told me she was in love with someone else and filed for the divorce as 100% her fault. I should have left her with nothing for tearing my heart out.

But I still loved her then. And I guess in a sick sad way I still kind of do.

Someone just kill me, please. I really don't belong in this world.

Iwakura16Eyes 37F

6/20/2006 7:36 pm

I should have just kicked her out on her ass when she told me she was in love with someone else and filed for the divorce as 100% her fault. I should have left her with nothing for tearing my heart out. yes--too bad you didn't

I understand why you couldn't do this at the time, but I wanna know why you can't re-file...? I have no idea.... no clue... never been married (thank the frigging saints or something)...

I am all for revenge--sounds like she deserves it--and that's not just the Scorpio II in me coming out to play....

I hardly know you n all, but thanks to blogland you have support from me... though I am clueless and biased because of my own shitty situation.... *frowns* you have hugs from me, too....

and just because she took advantage of yer kindness doesn't mean someone else wouldn't treasure it... things happen for a reason... maybe you'll appreciate it that much more when the true and RIGHT person for you enters into your realm

shit always seems to happen (and I frigging HATE it)---I have an uber-magick-p00persc00per for these things, want one?

*huggles* and MUAH!

vrec_dawn replies on 6/21/2006 4:37 pm:
I could change the filing, but at this point I just want it over as quickly as possible. **sigh** I guess I'm paying for the least emotional strain at this point. I'll get over the money. I have a good job. It was just a shock.

I'm not much of a revenge guy. Sometimes I can be, if I'm really pushed, but for the most part I'm a stop-the-cycles guy. Which I guess also means the world's punching bag. I'm not sure if you'd expect that from a Capricorn or not...

I'd ask to borrow your scooper, magick and all, but I think I'll just sow some seeds in the pile and see what grows.

Thanks for the support though. It actually means a lot right now.

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