Computer On The Fritz!  

vrec_dawn 39M
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7/25/2006 4:11 pm

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7/26/2006 3:53 pm

Computer On The Fritz!

Oh no! As if my monitor going wonky on me fairly regularly lately isn't bad enough (the replacement should finally be in the mail, hopefully to arrive Friday) this evening when I got home from work and turned the computer on ... it just chugged and froze in the BIOS load. No no no!


Evil Princess Sara (The name I gave this computer. Is it weird to name your computers?)
was not meant to die so young!

I know I built it mostly from some really cheap arsed parts, but I thought I'd still researched fairly well and mitigated the consequences as best as possible on a tight budget. I did my homework! But now it's acting funny.

Well, luckily after unplugging it for a while, fiddling with removing dust and reseating cables, and geek stuff like that, it worked fine when I booted it up again. So maybe it was just a fluke. I sure hope so. Because so far it'd been doing remarkably well and I sure don't need another dead computer right now.

Geek alert! Though it would be awfully tempting to jump over to an Intel Core 2 Duo system should this AMD S939 Athlon64 3000+ system die...

druidrocker 62F

7/25/2006 6:13 pm

Dude - your scaring me

vrec_dawn replies on 7/26/2006 3:55 pm:
If it makes you feel any better, I scare myself some times.

But it seems okay now. Except the monitor, which is over 10 years old and has been dying for a while now. Been trying to get the replacement, but the company I ordered form online, that used to be trustworthy and pretty awesome, is now jerking me around like you wouldn't believe. But FedEx says new monitor is on its way, so unless it shows up wrong or broken, all should be good. (Cross fingers and send prayers. )

LustyTaurus 48M  
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7/26/2006 4:29 am

Well I'm impressed...when my computer started acting up...all I could do was give it a hug and hope it started feeling better...

vrec_dawn replies on 7/26/2006 3:56 pm:
So then you're not a believer in 'percussive maintanance'? (In other words whacking it a good one to show it who's boss...) I do that all the time to goofy electronics. You'd be amazed how many times it works!

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