Coming Up Roses!  

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7/26/2006 3:51 pm

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Coming Up Roses!

Well, the ex is moving (some) stuff out of the house. And my replacement monitor is definately shipping and hopefully will get here Friday if FedEx doesn't get blowed-up and such.

But best of all, I've started writing again!

It's funny what no longer being a chronicly depressed lemming can do for fixing writer's block.

I started out writing a new novel, sci-fi, based on a culture on Mars in the semi-distant future where Earth tried to colonize, but then began warring and more or less left the Mars colonization on autopilot. Oops. And so the 'gods' of Mars are names like Usa, Russa, Chin-ya, and the likes, and the people of Mars are sort of anti-religious because in their 'history' the gods screwed up.

But I kinda got bored of that.

So then I went back to an old novel I'd started a long time ago called Not Quite Heroes which is a fantasy novel that is a very sick joke by the author in which after a couple of chapters the main character, a glorious hero with an ancient holy artifact, running off to fight the coming evil bringing war to eveyone, who you get to know and love ever so well through character development and great accomplishments in battle, gets killed. Dead. Flat out. No more.

And then you find out that the real main characters of the book are actually four thieves that basically played the enemy against the hero so that they could steal his artifact to sell to the bad guys for major profit. Don't want to give all of the fun twists and turns of this very wrong novel away in case some day it actually gets published (yeah, right, I wish) but suffice it to say, the whole damn book is just plain WRONG! And it involves a lot of crossing the line of the difference between 'justice' and 'revenge' and a lot of other moral dilemas that make things very mucky. He he he he he. I love it.

Hopefully I can keep my creative vibe going and get some serious work (like a full rough draft at least) done on this novel because I've really wanted to get this concept done for a long time now but kept running out of creative steam before.

druidrocker 62F

7/26/2006 7:08 pm

Awesome - I hope nobody interrupts you with too many hours of IM'ing. Good luck

vrec_dawn replies on 7/27/2006 3:42 pm:
Nah, no worries. I write most of it at work!

(It's not my fault that right now all of my projects are stuck on hold while I await the arrival of a new compiler.)

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