Beating The Sun  

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5/22/2006 4:04 am

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Beating The Sun

A little while back when I told my sister how early I get up, she commented on how hard it must be to get up at the crack of dawn. To which I jokingly replied, are you kidding, most days I beat the sun!

It didn't really occur to me this morning just how true that is though. Even this close to the Summer Solstice, I'm still waking up to complete darkness. 4:30 in the morning is darn early!

And I'm not even a morning person. If I could, I'd be up late at night. It's hard going to bed so early. And it's weird wanting to stay up but being so darn tired. It really throws my body into conflict some days.

It's my choice though. I have flexible enough hours that I could go in to work two hours later and still meet their "in-office" time. So I don't do it because I have to. I do it because of the damn beltline.

I've found that the earlier I beat the punch to the rush hour traffic I make a lot better time, cutting a half hour to an hour off of my commute, and I have a lot less stress. Especially at the inevitable 4:30-5:00pm accident. There seems to be one every evening. Or at least every evening I'm stuck working that late and have to drive home past it, at a crawl. If traffic even moves. (Because sometimes it just locks up for a while.)

Madison really needs to do something about that. I doubt they ever will though. More lanes or a faster speed limit (like Milwaukee) so that more traffic can actually get through? Hell no. They talk about taking out one lane for car pooling only. As if there are enough people doing that to make that work. While it's not a 'bad' idea in theory, people just come from too many different places to really make that work.

Of course decent public transportation might do wonders, but we all know America sucks period when it comes to that, and Madison is certainly no exception.

So I beat the sun. I guess I trade one form of stress for another. And safety. And more personal time. So in the end I suppose it makes sense. But it'd be nice if there was a better way.

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