And don't forget to peal the potatoes!  

vrec_dawn 40M
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5/23/2005 6:26 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

And don't forget to peal the potatoes!

It's pretty much as simple as that. I just made a big batch of chicken and potato curry soup (well, with leeks, carrots, fresh thyme, basil, and a few misc. dried herbs like parsley and bay leaf) and decided while making it to leave the skins on (though very scrubbed) for that homestyle look and taste, plus all of the extra vitamins. (Vitamins being typically of highest concetration in the skin of veggies, it's healthier to leave the skin on.)

Well, grumph! Even though I scrubbed the potatoes to near death, they're still a bit gritty. Bad potatoes! Bad! That'll teach me to pick up the cheapest five pound bag from wally world. Grrrr.


Oh well. The soup is still pretty darn good. It just could have been better is all. Meh. Time to freeze a gallon or two of it to enjoy over the year.

I suppose I should be happy that at least it turned out a lot better than the almost vegetarian soup that I tried to make last time. No wonder Ming put so much damn wine in his vegan soup stock afterwords. And simple my hiney! The base stock just didn't cut it. Were it not for the miracles of BEEF bullion, that soup would have ended up as a lost cause, and being full of a lot of veggies to make a stock, a damn expensive lost cause. As it is after the life-saving intervention of meat it's not bad as a small appetizer before dinner. (And it's chock full 'o vitamins.) But it's just not good enough to be a main course by itself.

At least my curry chicken and potato soup is good enough to be its own meal this time.

Actually, I'm not even sure I can call this one soup. Because I wanted something hearty, I dumped a bunch of instant mashed potato flakes in with it to thicken it up. It's really more like a hearty stew now. Mmmm.

Next time maybe I'll do a curry chicken barley. No, something with beef... Beef barley and/or dumplings I guess. :\ Hmm. That's more of a late fall soup though. Oh well. I'll think of something. Maybe a thin-brothed spicy ham for summer...

Good soup just doesn't come from a can.

wyvernrose 38F
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5/23/2005 7:46 pm

yep that'll teach you next time buy a bag of small wash chat potatoes I think they are call or chap or something like that they are small and sweet great for stews, soups and salads

oh and always buy washed potatoes much nicer, I have a handful of unpeeled washed spuds in the oven right now for lunch actually just going to slice them open, fill them with butter, tuna, cheese and my homemade seasfood sauce....

a tin of corn kernals, a tsp of tomato paste, a dash of tomato sauce, and a bit of the brine from the tin of tuna flavours it nicely...and decimate it in the blender, yummy!


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