A Big Beefy Mess  

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2/26/2006 8:04 am

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A Big Beefy Mess

Well, it was bound to happen some time. You can't be perfect all the time.

This whole cook a giant batch of dinner on the weekend so that you only have to nuke leftovers during the week has been nice. But last night the giant-cooking-experiment took a horrible turn.

The recepie is one that normally fits into a skillet. Beef rice-a-roni. Some snow peas. Some sliced carrots. And four boca burgers on top. Cook like it was just the rice-a-roni, but for a little longer. Break up the boca burgers into pieces with the spatula at the end. Tada. A filling and nutricious dinner that's actually also good at stabilizing the stool when it's irregular, at either end of the spectrum.

(As a side note, I've been thinking that replacing the rice-a-roni with brown rice in french onion soup mix would work for a completely vegan dinner.)

Well, had I stuck to the recepie and just cooked up several batches it'd have gone fine. But nooooo. I had to do two things wrong.

The first was to add more vegetables. I added onion, brocoli, and asparagus.

The second was to try to make two batches at once.

So, of course, nothing would fit into the skillet. Or even into one of my good pans. I had to pull out a large soup pot to fit it all. The flaw? Soup pots like that AREN'T designed to spread the heat. So things burned to the bottom of the pan rather quickly. Once I noticed I turned down the heat badly and added extra water, but then the rice didn't cook right and it took forever to get the vegetables cooked even remotely through that way.

The second flaw, too many vegetables for the amount of rice involved. In the end I had to run out and buy two more boxes of rice-a-roni, cook them up seperately, and then try to mix what was savable from the pot in with that.


At least I was smart enough to cut up the frozen boca burgers instead to try and do it after they were cooked. It's have been hard to fish them out. **LOL** Too bad this caused the pieces to mostly disintigrate though.

After many more hours than it should have taken, I've got something almost as good as it should have been.

If I ever brave this recepie blown up into such proportions again, I'll be smart enough to cook the vegetables seperately for one, use less vegetables for two, and to just make up two batches of rice-a-roni on their own. Then mix it all together at the end.


I suppose the great plan had to screw up some time. I can't make up this shiznit as I go and always get it right. **LOL**

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