Does Penis Size Really Matter?  

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2/5/2006 12:36 am

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Does Penis Size Really Matter?

Does size matter? Well, I hate to break it to you, but it does. Whether we like it or not, size matters. Men that have outsized organs tend to be confident. They walk with their head held high. They feel they can conquer the world. Men with small members just don’t. They are the ones looking down, averting their gaze, plagued with feelings of inferiority. Men with small penises can be like the little guys with the macho attitudes and the big trucks. People think they are confident, cocky even (no pun intended)! It’s called overcompensation or “little man’s disease”. Underneath they are just quivering masses of insecurity.

Our American society likes everything big. Big boobs, big butts, big televisions, big houses… get the picture. Penises are no different. A large penis is akin to having a large bank account, a four karat diamond, or a large, oceanfront home. It is something to brag about and display, eliciting the “ohhh” ‘s and “ahhhh” ‘s that such items are intended to provoke.

In fact, size really shouldn’t matter. A woman’s “pleasure receptors” are located within the first two to three inches of her vagina. Meaning, a two to three inch penis should adequately service the typical woman! But what about the g-spot you ask? The g-spot is located in the depths of the vagina---the likes of which only Ron Jeremy or similarly endowed men can reach, not Mr. teenie-wienie. Well, let me tell you boys, the g-spot is like Atlantis. It may exist, it may not. Some think they have discovered it, but it has yet to be proven.

The “average size” is said to be between six and seven inches long. Yeah, whatever. If a man’s penis is over five inches, the guy should consider himself well-endowed. Besides, length isn’t what really matters. It is width. Ask any female---they would take the thick, five inch guy over the thin, nine inch guy any day!

So what does a guy do if he is challenged in the size department? My advice is to develop other skills. Become the best kisser a girl has ever encountered. Learn the art of massage, or, better yet, cunnilingus (look it up if you don’t know what that is!). Take extra care in hygiene and grooming. Develop a sparkling personality or rabid wit. Lavish the girl with attention and gifts. None of this will hurt! “Yeah, he has a little dick but he gives the best massages! And I get flowers all the time! He is so hilarious!.....etc.” . Penis size is only a foot-note in female conversation. It fits in there between a man’s occupation and his eye color.

And, if all else fails, just remember, a penis in hand is worth two on the shelf.

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