Something that strikes me !?!?  

volim 53M
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6/30/2005 2:51 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Something that strikes me !?!?

I note that the majority of ladies on this site (well, the ones who aren't spam bait anyway...). Make some comment about how they DON'T want to see some cock shot picture. Well, I can fully understand this. Who can get a good "warm-and-Fuzzy" by just looking at some guy's johnson!

BUT, I notice that many of those same ladies are showing pics of either just their breasts, or a super close up of their nude crotch.....

So what's the deal? You don't think guys want to see the whole person too? I can tell you now that this guy does!

I'm a lover of ladies.....I enjoy eyes, hair, faces, breasts, bellybuttons, hips, pussies, thighs, other words....all of IT.

I've made love to ladies who just had amazing eyes, or legs....The rest maybe wasn't premium, but there was just "Something" that tripped my trigger!

Not to mention the part that has attracted me most often was not even visual, but rather their BRAIN! I'm no dummy, so I've already turned away ladies who had bodies that most men would have killed for, just because there was nothing between those pretty ears!

So, ladies, show it all!!!! I understand if you need to hide the face. Sometimes it's needed to remain anonymous, but we guys like to see more than just some tits and/or a crotch too!!!

Be well all.....
Talk again soon!!!


rockwriter58 56M
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7/1/2005 7:06 am

You might want to check my latest listing of my favorite profile shots on my blog...

Like you, I like to see as much of the full picture as possible... and of course, I think all of us would prefer to see a woman's face... granted some of us (myself included) are here anonymously... so we understand if that isn't possible.

Beautiful4ualso 51F

7/1/2005 9:49 pm

LOL.... you have "spoken" your mind.... my network friend!

Take care.

"I guess you're not one to just like empty shells either, uh?!"
A good "brain" can be very stimulating in many different ways, that's for sure, in either sex by the way.

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