My Night in the woods with YOU!!  

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5/27/2005 6:40 pm

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My Night in the woods with YOU!!

You and I are walking , hand in hand, through a woods in the late afternoon. The air is warm and there is a breeze that is moving through the leaves making them dance in the sunlight. The ground is soft under our feet as we wander through and between the trees, following no particular path, and having no particular destination. We come to a small lake in the forest and look out over the water, sparkling orange in the low sun. I stand behind you and you lean back supporting yourself against my chest. I put my arms around you and cradle you in them. We watch the water and trees, not saying a word, for speaking would break the spell. There is quiet, except for the breeze in the trees, and after a while I lower my lips to you neck and begin to slowly and tenderly kiss all around. I brush your hair to the side and kiss the back of your neck, working slowly over to your shoulder, and then up to your ear. Slowly you turn to me and our eyes meet and lock on each other. We gaze deep into each other’s souls and then move our lips together, my arms encircle you and hold you firmly, tenderly. Our bodies press against each other as we kiss deeply, passionately. My hands move up and I run them through your beautiful hair, as our long probing kiss continues. Our lips part and again we gaze into each other’s eyes. The fire is evident, and for a long moment we communicate our desires with no word, but only the heat we see in the other’s eyes.

With the sun sinking below the horizon we sink to the soft forest floor. We kiss and touch each other with fire and passion. In the heat of the moment we remove each others clothing until our bodies are fully exposed to the cooling air. We explore each other with our hands and lips until neither of us can stand it any longer. We make love on the soft ground slowly at first, but as the fire again grips us with more and more passion until we both explode in waves of ecstasy. You curl up in my arms and our bodies meld together as one. As night falls and the full moon begins to rise above the lake. Casting long pale shadows over us. I stroke your hair lovingly and kiss your body softly until you drift off to sleep.

After a time you awake and turn and kiss me softly. We cuddle in each others arms and trade kisses under the moon light. I take you by the hand and we walk to the shore of the lake. We enter the lake and let the warm water engulf us. We again embrace under the water and with our nude bodies intertwined we kiss long and deeply. You break the embrace and swim away from me and I chase you. We frolic in the water splashing each other and taking turns trying to escape the other. Finally I catch you and we again encircle each other in our arms and begin to kiss. I kiss your eye’s, nose, lips, throat, a low moan escapes your lips and I kiss down your chest. With the sound of crickets filling the night air we again begin to make love under the water. This time slowly, with great tenderness and deep passion. After what seems an eternity we reach a deep, forceful climax and you bury your head in my chest as I hold you close and stroke your body.

Finally we leave the water and return to the shore. We sit and watch the stars as our bodies dry in the night air. I keep you in my arm so that you don’t get a chill, and we let the air be our towel. With one final, long kiss we dress, and begin the journey out of the woods.

volim 53M

6/1/2005 7:11 pm

Tnx! Want to act it out??

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