Another Hot Story......  

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6/4/2005 12:08 am

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Another Hot Story......

This is one that I proposed to a lady who liked the idea, but never got to play it out. It was a role playing fantasy that I shared with someone, once, but it just never came to pass.

I'm a college professor and there's a knock on my door...When I answer I find one of my sexy lady students there in her white blouse and ever so short skirt. "Hello Laurie", I say, "What can I do for you"? She comes in, and sits on the couch. "I just can't follow this algorithm in the text book, can you help explain it"? She opened her text book to the page and leaned across my lap as she turned the pages..."Here it is", she said. I leaned forward to look at the book, and as I did she traced her hand down my thigh and across my crotch! I gave her a look to see if that was intentional, and I could tell by the look in her eye that it was more than an accident!

I explained the paragraph to her, and she still looked at me with a blank stare. "Did you understand that"? I said. "no, can you say it one more time"? she said. So I tried it again. "No, I guess I'm just not up to this" she said. I couldn't take it any more, I pulled her across my lap, and flipped her skirt up, over her bottom. "I guess you just need some encouragement to pay attention"! I said, as I started to plant firm spanks on her panty covered ass with my palm. She squirmed, but also moaned to show she was loving each slap of my hand. Soon she was just moaning and pushing her mound down on my leg. I pulled off her panties, and exposed her, now red ass, and continued to slap her cheeks. I could feel the wetness of her pussy on my leg, so I stopped, and laid her on the floor.

Once on the floor I put my face between her legs and swirled my tongue around her swollen clit. She arched her back pushing herself into my face. I played my tongue around her clit, her lips, tantalizing her with each stroke, until I plunged my tongue into her, and lapped her hot wetness from bottom to top until she clamped my head between her thighs for the first orgasm of the night. I continued to lick her until she came a few more times, then finally released her from my grasp.

Then I stripped off my clothes and pulled her to me. I took my rock hard member in my hands and guided it into he. First I only entered her with it’s large head. Moving it in and out of her, then finally I pushed it in as deep as it would go. She cried out in ecstasy when I drove it in and we began to rock back and forth together in mutual rhythm.

After a time she sat up and pushed me on my back. The she rode me, pushing herself onto me as deeply as she could. I held her breasts in my hand, moving my thumbs around her hard nipples. She leaned back and drove herself onto me harder, and deeper with each stroke.

Then she hopped off and got on all four. She undulated her ass at me and said, “put that thing in me”! I wasn’t willing to disappoint so I got behind her and slowly put myself deep into her! She grunted, and pushed back at me. Soon we were rocking in perfect motion. The sound of my body slapping against hers filled the air. On each stroke I drove into her deeper, and deeper, till finally I couldn’t stand the pleasure any longer, and I let torrent, after torrent of my cum shoot deep into her.

After I finished my heavenly orgasm, she rolled away, and said “Professor, I’ve always wanted you in me”! “God, this is a fantasy come true”!

We spent the rest of the night satisfying each other, and what can I say, of course she got an A for the course!

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