Sweet Surprise  

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7/29/2005 6:34 am

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Sweet Surprise

Every once in a while, unpredictably, my wife really gets in the mood for what she considers “hot” sex. By some standards, it is fairly mild, but I love to indulge her when she needs it. I had cooked her and the boys a really nice dinner, and she had been sipping wine through most of the evening. At about 10:30pm, she hinted that I needed to get the boys off to bed.

She is a modest beauty of 5’4”, and wears about size 8. She gracefully stepped down the stairs and I felt like the groom seeing his bride in that white wedding gown for the first time. When I looked, she had certainly created the right mood. She was in the three inch heels pictured to the left and had knee high nylons on…giving that almost school girl look. The dress she put on was a lacy black number that ended just above the knees and featured a zipper down the back. It was an remarkable look with no panties on underneath for easy access. This woman is feminine elegance; she seldom has to shave her legs and takes extra good care of her body. She is smooth and soft to the touch.

At one point she sat on the couch with her legs crossed and looking so amazing. I asked if I could take a photo of her. She denied me of that but that is just about the only denial to occur this night.

I stood with her in an embrace, touching and feeling all of her. I especially enjoyed the feeling of my hand over her soft ass. With as much she had to drink, I was a little concerned that she would loose her balance and fall, so I moved her nearer to the couch in case she did and continued my explorations. I would wander up and down her body with my hands, intermingled with deep kisses and exchanges of tongue. My hands began to wonder down her hips onto her upper thighs. Each pass lifted the hem line of the dress a little farther and I got closer to the inside of her thigh. Every time I got closer, she would moan audibly. As I passed over the apex, she moved under me uncontrollably. Whether she was able to control her own movements or had stepped into this dance of need I wasn’t sure. I assumed the latter and finally was able to slip one finger into her. Her movements stopped. That is clearly what she needed.

Within minutes, she was begging me to go deeper so I made haste to give her everything that she wanted and needed with just my fingers. Within minutes, she went orgasmic loudly and dare I say violently, especially for her.

I let her catch her breath and begin the process again. I stepped back and admired her body, looked at her beauty, reached out and began touching her smooth knees. Before I got much farther, she reached out and removed my shorts and underwear after a playful period of explorations under the fabric.. Again, I worked my way up her legs and then crawled in between her legs so I could closely examine her and take in all the scents. She knew where I was headed and as I touched the inside of her thighs with my gentle fingers, I reached down with my lips and placed an innocent kiss here and there for effect. They were not missed. Finally, I reached in with a finger and spread her clit and then followed with my tongue. This is what she was waiting for and I was proud to be able to execute it for her. I licked up and down and side to side. Meanwhile she was sliding off the couch. Her ass was half on and half on the piece of furniture. Her head was inches from the floor while her left arm braced her from following completely off. I didn’t even need to do the alphabet before she shuddered and fell into orgasm for a second time.

As I was trying to stand up, she was still in that position and found my cock with her mouth. She kissed and suck on it for about as long as I could expect. It is something that she is reluctant to do to begin with and frankly, I had other plans. It was exciting that she was willing to do so however.

She complained about how her shoes were hurting her so I took her by the hand and stood her up. I told her to stand with her back to me and balance herself on the arm of the couch. When she stood up, displayed before me were the backs of two beautiful legs in a short skirt. Under that skirt, there was no underwear: what a great playground! Business first: I had to remove the shoes; I caressed the lower part of her legs, feeling the tissues of her calf. I slid down and removed each shoe from behind. With that chore complete, I was free to play up and down these legs and she was just helpless to hold herself up on the arm of the sofa. I played hard and found my fingers within her.

When I could see that she grew restless, I circled around her and took a seat on the couch. She sat down on me and for the first time in the evening, she placed my cock inside of her. She was slippery and warm. She began to ride, quickening the pace and for the third time, came sweetly.

It was now my turn to prove to her that I was really turned on. I laid her down with her back against the arm rest of the couch. My left leg stood on the floor while my right leg became buried in the innards of the furniture. One of her legs was trapped between my body and the back of the couch, the other flying proudly behind my back. I was slow initially, but with the leverage that I could use to power into her, I increased the pace of my thrusts. No longer was I being gentle and slow. I was getting my reward. I came violently amidst the awkward positions where our bodies currently resided.

The evening ended softly here. We went upstairs to our hot bedroom on this sultry summer night. In the morning we woke and began to kiss again. I caressed her stomach and eventually moved between her thighs. She was still in need and it was just a short time before my fingers found a comfortable rhythm. She reached down to work on my cock. I told her not to bother, the boys were up downstairs and there was no way that I could remain as quiet as her. There would be a chance again tonight!

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