Retrospective on my AFF Life  

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10/26/2005 9:51 am

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Retrospective on my AFF Life

In one of my last posts (which AdultFriendFinder censored because I apparently became an ego maniac), I was pretty hard on my wife. Call it a bad day or whatever.

One of the terms that I have coined is that "She satisfies me, but she doesn't thrill me". With that said, I am very easy to thrill!

Today, I want to make sure that everyone knows how I got to this point. I know that most readers won't go back to the beginning of a particular blog to read every post. For some background on me and my marital relationship read the following excerpt from early July of this year.

"Today, I just miss my wife. She is away working while I am at home preparing to leave on another trip to the Seattle area. It is a funny relationship we have. I still think it all goes back to her mother. My wife has told me about her parent’s sex life, at least in a minimal fashion. How her dad always looked forward to Friday nights.

My wife is everything I dream about, without the sex. She has a great body, a beautiful mind, is a wonderful mother and has managed to live with me for 15 years. She has attempted to indulge me in past years a few exciting scenes but they apparently take an energy level that she does not posses. That kind of pampering does not come easy for her. She wears beautiful things to bed; several nights a week she is probably one of the best dressed women in any bed in our small town. Sex, that is for another night.

Every couple of weeks, we may have basic sex, fine for her, unfulfilling to me. She treats it like a job and while I get some satisfaction, it just doesn’t have the fire. Every couple of months, she will come to me and I may get to taste and kiss her among the many pleasures. She is so familiar to me and it is magnificent to hear her sighs and realize that she is actually in a state of enjoyment. She does little for me outside of basic penetration. I have just learned to live with that. I appreciate what I get.

I have a mind that works triple time sexually. I scheme to produce sexy scenes, to seduce her. I fail most of the time or the desired scene is far below expectation. She just merely “gives in”. I have tried to entice her into erotic, but tasteful photography, role playing and other basic levels of intimacy. I have tried to find and ask her what is within her comfort level. She puts little or no thought into such matters. I classify her as a “sexual camel”. She can go an incredibly long time without it.

So with her permission, I started to step out meet and experience other women. With the help of AdultFriendFinder, I have been with a few other women. I have made friendships and had some good sex, but so far, the one I really want is at home (sometimes)!"

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