Not Exactly A Man's Man  

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7/6/2005 12:51 pm

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Not Exactly A Man's Man

I admit it! I have felt on the outside looking in so many ways for pretty much my entire life. I am not the guy that girls swooned over in high school or college. I am shy and reserved and quite confident that is one of the reasons that I have never attracted a lot of attention in the bars. I am not the life of the party and I certainly wouldn’t compete very well at a “meet & greet”.

I have, however, had great success on AdultFriendFinder. The ladies that I have met have treated me with respect and I have formed several good friendships over a short period of time. They have filled the void that I set out to fill. I am confident that in small ways, I have and continue to enrich their lives like they do mine.

I believe that my success on AdultFriendFinder is related to honesty. I have never been anyone other than myself. I am a warm-hearted softy that prefers wine over beer, cats over dogs, and the real thing over movies. I hunt with a camera…it saves time dressing the animal later. I can communicate. I prefer to under sell my qualities in order to give the customer more than they expected. Not exactly a man’s man.

I will continue to meet new people and test out what life has to offer. I have been too shy for too long and I am enjoying this life way too much to back up now!

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