My love of stats!  

volcanoinu23 53M
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3/29/2006 9:25 am

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3/30/2006 6:52 am

My love of stats!

It is of the other freakish things about me is my love of statistics. As a kid, I did all the math involved in batting averages and average socres. I could dream up and entire mathmatical equation for something as complicated as "fairness". I think the spreadsheet was invented for me!

Flipping through blogs this morning, I ran into a post by the beautiful southern redhead
caressmewell caressmewell.

With regard to these stats she stated this about their origin...

"I have "borrowed" this from Valleyrat4, he used this for his 100th post...I'm using it because I thought it was a good idea.

I have put my stats for one year next to her stats for her 7 month tenure on AdultFriendFinder.

Name: Caressmewell/Volcanoinu23

Origin: It's a sex site, I wanted a handle that was slightly erotic yet didn't sound sleazy./Mine is a little more aggressive and sleezy I admit...I work around a volcano, in a woman, I become one and 23 is my childhood favorite number and no Micheal Jordan was not around yet..

Member since: September 9, 2005/March 6th, 2005

Number of pic's in profile: 4/5

Number of pic's rejected: 0/1 (later put in an album)

Number of times in other members hotlist:
79 w/in the last 30 days/3 in the last year

Number of times currently in members hotlist: 68/0

Profile views since 9/9/05: 24,651 (I turn my profile off every now and again so it would more than likely be higher)/364

Number of profile views last 30 days: 97/8

Number of profile views last 30 days, local: 48/0

Number of matching views last 30 days: 97/0

Number of profiles on A.F.F. : Two..but I'm not telling the other (and it does not get used on the blogs)Two...the other one is strictly for photography.

Blog Title: Redhead Stories/Ramblings from a Ruralite

Origin: I'm a redhead and I write erotic stories (at least I use to)/I have never lived in the city and have often live in REMOTE places

Total number of posts: 317/123

Total number of comments: 8334/133

Total number of comments last 30 days: 1481/31

Unique responders last 30 days: 282/not even going there! I don't know where she gets this stuff!

Pages of visitors under View All: 289 pages

Pages of blog posts: 32

First blog post: September 21, 2005/June 10th, 2005

Commentors banned: 0/0

Comments deleted because of negativity: 0 - 0 Comments only deleted when requested by the poster over mispellings etc.

Posts Rejected: 2/1

Reason Rejected: I'm not sure but re-posted w/o making any changes./Same Here

Posts pulled, hidden or deleted: 0/0

Blog ranking in local area: #1 / #1, but participation in Southern Washington really sucks!

Number of articles written: 0

Purity Score: - I started out here with a 54, it's now a 52./Started out near 70 without reading very carefully and is now at 49.

Network invites extended to me: God only knows..I turn most of them down unless it is a fellow blogger./3 or 4 maybe?

Network invites accepted by me: 41 - Half of these were sent to me, the other half I extended the invitation, all but 2 are fellow bloggers./I have 8 friends...I recently cut out three non-participants.

Number of albums & pic's: None/3 I think

Number of testimonials: 4/3

Number of winks recieved: Again, who knows? 79 the last week alone, I delete them each week./Maybe 15...about 12 of which came from my good friends! Thanks ladies, you are an egos best friend!

Members I have hotlisted: 0/50+ I am sure...I hotlist when I find someone interesting but don't have time to write at that moment or I want quick access to their profile so I can look at their photos over and over!

Members I have received more than 2 e-mails from: Approx. 50+/We will call it 20

Members I have IM'd: over 50/30? that I met one on one.

Members I have in my IM list now: 44/12

Members who are likely to IM me in the next 3 days: 44/ 3 or 4.

Members I have talked to on the phone: 6/3

Members who I have met: 15 (11 are bloggers)/11

Members who I have had sex with: 1 /7 and kissed two others!

How fun was that?
Don't you just love comparitive stats?

themisskrissy 56F
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3/29/2006 11:41 am


i could not keep that much info in my head... i mean beyond the archived stats..
if i can't tememeber how many guys i have had sex with from here does that make me a slut or just senile?

Virtue Alone Ennobles

demonicsexkitten 41F
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3/29/2006 2:06 pm

i considered doing the same, but decided it was too much work.

though being able to say somebody drove 635 miles just to meet me... that was cool (though he said 800 miles... i think he might have taken an alternate route).

caressmewell 53F

3/29/2006 6:24 pm

Cool comparison..

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