I was Tagged...only to be mad a fool of!  

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3/28/2006 11:06 am

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I was Tagged...only to be mad a fool of!

I was "tagged" by
(and yes, just showing her hand on my blog is so hot!)in an AdultFriendFinder Blogging game. Most interesting piece of reading if you visit the other gamers here!

I am going to have a very difficult time coming up with six friends though...I hope that the wrath of Pele does not condem me if I can't make the count.

So, as I understand it, whoever is "tagged" has to blog on THEIR OWN blog about their 6 wierd things/habits/oddities and then pick 6 ppl to "tag" and move the game along. You do have to notify them in their last post else they might not know.

I have Tagged





My Weird Things....

#1-I live in chaos! With me, don't expect to be on a schedule or for that matter have a plan. If there is and emergencey, natural disaster...I am the guy you call to handle it though!

#2-I spent 16 years as a teacher in a small town elementary school. The most pure, pristine occupation there is. It was so difficult to keep my dark, sexual and sensual side from dripping out in social scenes in that career. I am only slightly more loose now unless I can get with someone from AdultFriendFinder that likes to talk sex!

#3-You have probably picked up that I am a photographer. I have been published the most....in railroad magazines. I love to take sensual photos of women!

#4-The only times I have lived on a city block with neighbors and sidewalks are now (even though there are no sidewalks or pavement on my street and two creeks meet behind my house) and my four years in college.

#5-I would probably have a hard time playing a dominant.

#6-I am addicted to the hunt for more friends & playmates on AdultFriendFinder. I am so bad!


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