A Query for Ladies & Married Men  

volcanoinu23 52M
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7/29/2005 7:04 am

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A Query for Ladies & Married Men

This is a question for those that are probably 30 and older! My blog, I make the rules!

The previous story is an example of how lustful my wife can get once in a great while. The last time was two, maybe three months ago. It used to be roughly once a month (ya…right around day 10-14 in her cycle…I can do the math) Otherwise, she can be a dutiful wife that more or less tales care of my sexual wants/needs with the previously spoken reluctance. You can get more information on my relationship in previous blog posts.

Guys, gals, do, have you experienced these shocking little episodes on a regular basis or are they spread out like mine? Ladies, especially, I read so often on AdultFriendFinder of the number of woman that profess to NEED sex on a regular basis, but from what I understand from non AdultFriendFinder members that this is the exception to the rule. Is sex really not that important to most women? I know this is an individual thing, but I wonder. This is as good as a place to have some thoughts provoked as any.

Single guys, unless you have been in a relationship of at least five years, don’t even think about responding to this! Thanks!

Merrysunshine 58F
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9/5/2005 1:55 pm

I found that during my 14 yrs of marriage, my sexual appetite, became far and in between. I guess the kids, work, household responsiblities....when my marriage ended, and many months later when I started dating again, I realized how much more of a sexual appetite I had. At first I atibutted to my age, (women reaching their sexual peak at a older age than men) but then I realized it was how I felt about myself. I felt attractive, sexy. Something I had not felt, while in my marriage for a very very long time.
I was lucky and my partner, made me feel very sexy, which made me more sexy. I was comfortable with my body, and I was comfortable in my abilities. I had never enjoyed sex this much before. It was as if the flood gates had opened. And I am sure my sexual peak did have something to do with it, but I still feel the same way today, and it is 14 yrs later. I think if a person is comfortable with themselves, they can truly admit how sex it important to them.
I always am amazed at people who commit to a life with out satisfing sexual life. It is just too important to me to be without. I think your wife could be the sexual partner you desire. She just needs to feel sexy and maybe a little push from you to allow her to admit to herself that it is ok for her to feel this way. We as women have been brought up to look at women who are sexually brazen as cheap whores. Unclassy. We are talking about a entire generation of women here.

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