My Hands  

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6/9/2006 4:40 pm

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My Hands

My hands have caressed
The face of a newborn
They have tickled their toes
And tummies
Only to have this gift
From God
Giggle in laughter.

My hands have played with
Barbies and toy cars
That i had brought to life
Through my imagination.

My hands have touched
The faces of many lovers
They have traced their lips
And have made their mouths water.

My hands have dried the tears
Not only from my own pain
But from the hurting and sorrow
Of my closest friends and family.

My hands have gathered leaves
In the fall and made piles
In which we could jump in
They've thrown snowballs in winter
And built snowmen with noses .

My hands have made a thousand drinks
And brought the delectable tastes
To my mouth.
They've lit candles
And have turned the taps
Of warmth and cold
For a luxurious bath.

My hands have reached out in anger
And pulled back from temptation
They've worked hard
And have blistered and bled
Only to heal...unlike my heart.

My hands could tell you
Stories of a life
Filled with happiness
And uncertainty.

My hands have grown older
With strength and wisdom
Still soft and beautiful
For..i take care of my hands
As ..they have taken care of me.

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