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5/12/2006 1:32 pm

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I would luv to know..
What types of kisses
you all enjoy....
Don't be shy..(as i smile devilishly)
Since this is my post
I'll begin..(clearing my throat)

Lips as soft as butter
Our mouths part....
As we breathe each other in...
I'll tease you with my tongue...
Lips locked together
Only to be parted..yet again
I kiss you harder this time
And you willingly accept
I tug gently on your tongue
Pulling back..licking my lips
I smile...that
And brush your lips with mine
Mouths parted...slightly
Sensations awakened
As your tongue finds mine
Holding on to me
You kiss me forcefully
It's my turn to accept
Passion..hunger..controls us
Our tongues connect
Deeper this time
As our mouths search for one another's
Our mouths are wet
Dripping...down our chins
Heated moments.....
In and out...out and in
We kiss[/COLOR]......
After all I am a Vixen xxxxoooo

Did i mention that i'm European..ha ha ..
XXXOOO Kisses to you......

vixenslounge 48M/48F

5/15/2006 5:20 am

    Quoting jmebug:
    there are so many ways to kiss well...and a mixture of all of it is always the best. i absolutely LOVE and crave and long for kisses. they are THE most erotic thing about two humans. be that woman and man, or whatever in between...i even have a tattoo that says LUV2KISS... so if you cant kiss, and do it right, then i dont even want to talk to you, it's a prerequisite!!!! keep that in mind.

Words that are spoken in truth.
I agree with you....
When "kissing" a person
You can always tell
How passionate they are
And what lies beneath...
Thank you..for visiting me.
Kisses miss vixen xxxooo

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